Monday, January 16, 2012

Garbage Collecting on Our Walk

The girls love nothing more than to go on a walk by the creek.  As we walk, the girls always notice the trash.  After being bothered by it, I finally decided to just go pick it up and do so with my girls.  They absolutely loved picking up trash.  It is like a treasure hunt for them.

Each of the girls got a bag and ran around finding trash to fill up.

They are so sad to see that people actually litter on the ground.  

Of course we have to stop and see the sheep on our walk.

It was a good thing I brought the wagon.  We found a ton of trash and card board.  The girls balanced the card board and worked together to get the trash home.

Here is all the trash from just one little walk.  I love the happy and proud looks on their faces.  I love walking on a clean path too.

Just think how much good we can do if everyone does their part?  Kids can make a difference if you let them.

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Megan @ SimplyThrifty said...

Great job girls!! That's a lot of trash for one walk! Our kids can definitely make a difference. I love teaching Taeya these ideas as well. She does a really good job spotting and picking up trash to help keep our community clean.