Friday, October 31, 2008

Baby Pictures of Bekah

Here are some pictures of Bekah when she was a baby so that you can see how she compares to Hannah. I think Bekah looks a lot like Chris and Hannah looks more like me, but still a lot like Chris too.












Stephanie and Allie enjoy holding Hannah.

Here is the picture of Hannah next to Bekah's baby doll. If we run out of clothes for Hannah we'll just borrow the doll's clothes.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nana and Papa's visit

These were a few of the last pics from the hospital. They were so cute that I had to post them.

Mommy with her precious bundle.

Hannah had to do a car seat study to make sure that she could keep her oxygen level up while in the car seat. She passed with flying colors.

My dad finally got to come and spend some time with Hannah.

Dad came down to visit on Friday-which also happened to be his birthday.

My mom made a yummy german chocolate cake which we all enjoyed.

Bekah really liked singing the Happy Birthday song to Papa Karl.

The day before Hannah came home we lit up the fire pit and roasted S'mores.

Bekah really enjoyed hers.

Bekah discovered her pockets.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hannah Came Home

On Sunday, October 26, we got the go ahead to take Hannah home. I was so excited. We ate breakfast and then left for the hospital. Chris finished Hannah's feeding while I signed the papers and packed up all our stuff. It was wonderful walking out of the hospital and putting Hannah in the car to come home.

All the girls, together at last.

Our whole family

Bekah was so excited to see her little sister. We had to let her look at Hannah while we were still in the driveway.


Papa Karl

Papa, Nana and Hannah

One of the sweet ladies from church that was helping watch Bekah while I was on bed rest brought Bekah a new dolly for when Hannah came home. This really helped her to adjust to having a new baby there (at least for the afternoon). She loved having a doll with her own paci, bottle, bib and blanket.

Proud Daddy

Bekah loves her Uncle Kevin.

Uncle Kevin couldn't wait to come over and see his new niece.

I love this picture.

It is so nice not having to drive to the hospital a couple times a day. Now I have the ultimate task of keeping Hannah happy, warm and feed 24/7. She is so small that it is hard to keep her warm, especially at night. We had to turn up our heat and bundle her up so much. She is eating well most of the time, though we do have to really encourage her sometimes. I love being able to snuggle with her and kiss her all throughout the day.

Bekah is being very helpful and sweet with Hannah. She really loves having her sister her when she can hold her and kiss her. She has had several meltdowns though. There has been so much change in the last 3 months and I think having someone taking her parents attention is the last straw. We are trying to give her extra love and attention to help her get though this part of her life. It'll be neat to see how God works in our family as we grow.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hannah's visitors

So Hannah gained another ounce last night. She is now up to 5 lbs 2 oz. They started weaning her out of her isolette last yesterday. The isolette provides heat and lets her grow without using too many calories to stay warm. They turned her isolette down too much at once and she got really tired from using her energy to stay warm. So they had to turn it back up just a little bit. Once she gets into an open crib she should be ready to come home in a day or so. They make sure that she still has enough energy to eat and grow and then Hannah can come home. I'm really praying that she can come home Saturday or Sunday. I miss her so much. I knew it would be hard but I didn't realize how hard. I'm glad that I have God to protect her and take care of her while we are separated. It is so comforting to let God be in control and be able to trust in Him.

Hannah has had lots of visitors to say hi and see how she was doing.

Luke, Robin and Josiah Boyd

Cousin Catie, Aunt Jennifer, Cousin Michelle and Mommy

Sarah, Cousin Brittany, and Uncle Kevin



Uncle Kevin