Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lots of fun Pictures of Bekah

Bekah is now a week and a half old. She is just a joy to have and to hold. We have such fun with her as you can tell from these pictures.

Bekah is very good when riding in the car. Isn't she cute with her binki.

I love her face when she is sleeping. Doesn't she look like a little cherub. (Not that I am biased or anything)

Visitors and a Bath

I am just loving being a mommy. My love for Rebekah keeps growing every day. I so enjoy just holding her and gazing at her sweet little face. She is such a good baby. She is learning to nurse very well and is sleeping much longer at a time. Yeah! She really only cries when she is hungry and otherwise is content and happy. Last night she was awake for about an hour. We had a good time watching her interesting faces and just enjoying her.

Bekah is definitely a Daddy's Girl.

Bekah had a huge explosion out of her diaper and needed a bath on Sunday night. She liked the bath but as you can see, she really didn't like being cold and wet.

Miriam, one of the nurses from work, had given us her cradle. I refinished it and now Bekah sleeps there every night. It is so handy!

Uncle Jeremy got a chance to spend a moment with Bekah. So Sweet!

Helen and Sharron, two nurses from work, came to visit and see Rebekah. Sharon made a beautiful cross-stitched blanket for her. We had a good time visiting and talking.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Life is Wonderful with a new bundle of JOY-and Sleepless

Hello Again! Life is getting easier day by day. Chris and I actually got 3 whole hours of uninterupted sleep last night. It was wonderful. Ok, I never thought that those words would come out of my mouth. All I can say is that life will definitely never be the same again. Here are some new cute pictures of Bekah. We got lots of her sleeping b/c that's mostly what she does. My sister-in-law Christi and the kids came to visit Friday. Christi and Jessie hadn't seen Bekah yet. They loved holding her. Jessie kept getting toys for Bekah to play with. It was so cute.

My dad had made a wooden cradle for my dolly my mom made for me when I was little. We put Bekah in the cradle and she fit perfectly. I love the pictures of her in it. Now when we lay her down in the living room we just pop her in there. Isn't she adorable.

Have fun looking at the new pictures!

Well, Blogger is being stinky about uploading pictures so I have hosted these on my own web space. Enjoy! Chris.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


There is a quick little video of Bekah over at my Blog. Take a look when you have a sec.

Even More Baby Pics

Hello Friends and Family!! I am back to blog again after a very eventful week in our lives. I'll just start at the beginning and give you the update. We knew for a week and a half that Bekah was coming early- we just didn't know when. After a fun night of Settlers of Catan and a fun day at the school Carnival Chris and I watched a movie and went to bed early since we were tired. Soon after laying down my contractions got a lot harder and more regular. I let Chris sleep for two hours until my water broke. Then I woke him, called the doctor and family/friends and took a shower. We arrived an hour later at the hospital at around midnight. My contractions started gaining in intensity (and pain) and coming a lot faster. By 4am I got an epidural-what a wonderful drug! I was much more comfortable and was able to rest until right before I delivered. As I began to push Bekah's heartrate dropped very low and didn't want to come back up. After trying several diffferent things to help her they called the NICU staff to be there in case she needed help after delivery. I pushed for 30 minutes and then she was born at 11:42 am. Bekah was fine after delivery and just needed to be checked out. It was the most incredible experience ever. Chris was there for the whole thing and was a great encouragement to me through the whole thing. He didn't annoy me or anything. He did decline to cut the cord but that's ok. I almost started crying when he brought her to me. Birth has always and will always be such a miracle.

Later that day Grandma Sue came to visit. Then Auntie Stephanie came and held Bekah for awhile. Soon after Grandpa Karl and Nana (Sarah's mom and dad) came to visit. I was so glad to have them there and be able to share their joy of a first grandchild. Bekah's Nana brought flowers for me, little kitty socks and an adorable "Daddy's Little Angel" outfit. They had such fun holding her and bonding with her. After two hours they went to pick up dinner and some Cold Stone Icecream for us. While they were gone Chris's parents and Aunt Karen came to say hi. Then my Aunt Jen, Uncle Scott, Jonathan, Catie and Michelle came to visit and my parents came back. We all had a fun time passing the baby to every one. I loved Catie's expression of Bekah's face. Little by little everyone left for home. My parents said their last good-byes b/c they had to leave for Redding early the next morning. I think my mom wanted to take Bekah with her. It was really fun seeing everyone and getting to show her off.

Over the next two days we had some more visitors and we got more aquainted with Bekah. Tuesday morning we left for home. It was so weird walking into our house with our new baby and knowing that she was here to stay. Baily came up to sniff and see Bekah. She has been really good around the baby.

Well, we are slowly figuring out how to work with her schedule. She has been eating every two hours for the last day and a half. We are learning what people said when they talked about sleep deprivation. Boy are we there!! Good thing she is cute as a button or this would be a lot harder. Bekah is a pretty good baby and only crys when I don't feed her quick enough. She is a champ at breastfeeding and it's getting a lot easier for me.

Wednesday we went to Target, Sutter to show her off, and then to Church to show her off too. Today we made our first trip to the doctor's and everything was fine. Dr. Brewer got to see her and hold her for a minute. Then we went to the store to get some clothes that will actually fit her. My mom had helped me find a couple of premie outfits that are so cute. We got two more so that we have something that fits her. The premie outfits are still a bit too big for her (now 6 lbs) but they will be too small very soon I am sure. We are really enjoying our time with her. She smiles and sticks her tongue out all the time. She has even started sucking her thumb, much to dad's chagrin. Well, Bekah's hungry again so I must go. I'll try to keep the pictures coming.