Monday, February 13, 2012

Birch Tree's for My Little Girls Room

Hannah's room got a makeover.  We started with vinyl stickers for her room.

We painted the walls and started with a fresh canvas.

Chris and I worked for around 3 hours to put up the vinyl trees.  We peeled off the paper and rubbed the stickers off the contact paper and onto the wall.

Each leaf and bird is a separate sticker.  It is kind of cool since you can put them where ever you want.

We split up the three trees onto two walls.  Love how it turned out.

The squirrels and birds make these trees so darling.

Here is the link to the darling decals.

Little Girls Funny Sayings

Bekah likes red apples. The green ones are dumb unless they have peanut butter on them, then they are not dumb. I asked her if she meant sour instead of dumb. She did! Love it!

We are watching Lightning the Queen according to Bekah, or Lightning the Cream per Hannah. They can never get his name right. 

Mary, a wiseman, a sheep, a donkey and a camel have been missing from the kids nativity set since before Christmas. I went through every logical place they might be. Finally gave up and hoped they weren't buried in the back yard or eaten by the dog. Just found them all today. Bekah hid them all in daddy's computer bag. I figured one of the kids hid them some where-just couldn't figure out where.

Hannah saw me with a towel on my head after my shower this morning. She said with all the seriousness and honesty of a three year old, "Mommy, you look kind of wicked with that thing on your head."

I found Hannah standing over the toilet, toothpaste and tooth brush in hand. She decided to get up extra early and "clean" the toilet with Dora bubble gum toothpaste. Nice! At least our bathroom smells extra yummy and it got a good cleaning.

On our walk, Bekah ran up to me and said, "Max and I am getting married!" I responded, "Oh, did he just ask you to marry him?" Bekah said, "Yes! We are getting married when we grow up." I said, "Wow, can you at least wait until you are done with college?" She laughed and road off on her scooter.

Bekah and Hannah were trying to wash their dresses in the bathroom sink. When I went to check on them, water was pouring out from under the bathroom door. The girls were standing at the sink naked and giggling while they splashed in the water. There was water EVERYWHERE! Oh the joys of being a mommy.

Quotes from January 2012: Life is never dull at our house. 

Happy Valentine's Day