Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bekah Blows Her Nose

I had a bit of a cold last weekend. As is usually the case I was blowing my nose quite a bit. Bekah, in her quest to be as much like me as is physically possible decided she needed to blow her nose in the same way that I do. Sarah almost went in to labor laughing at our little one. This one may have to go to AFV. Since blogger is being stupid I have uploaded the video to my .Mac gallery. Here is the link:

Bekah Blows Her Nose video

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bed Rest Central

So just about every photo I take in the next many weeks will be from the vantage point of the couch. Just warning you. :o) Bekah loves shoes-on herself and on everyone else. Here she is trying to put her sandles on my feet. She managed to do it somehow. My shoes were a bit easier to get on though they weren't on all the way.

My Aunt Jennifer brought over some beads for Bekah to play with. She did really well at threading them on the pipe cleaner.

This is the first little pair of socks that I beaded. My Aunt Jennifer was so kind and patient with me as she taught my fumbling fingers what to do. After a slow and painful process my brain figured out what to do. I have now made 2 1/2 pairs of socks. They are so darling! Thanks wonderful auntie!!

As I sit on the couch I am learning to come up with inventive ways to play with my daughter. This day we made a tent that Bekah loved playing in. It keeps her near me and safe and it is fun to play with her this way.


Bekah found a new way to play with her ball popper. She turns it on and gets the balls to pop out. Then she wacks them with a fly swatter. It is so much fun! And you thought that fly swatters only had one purpose. (Don't worry, we did wash it first)

After seeing how into cell phones Bekah is, our neighbor gave her an old one of his to play with. She used to use a wooden block. Now she can pull up the antenea, flip open the phone and push the buttons. She calls daddy every day at work. It is so cute.

So I was asking on for preemie clothes. I had loaned mine to a friend who moved away and am needing some more. A very sweet lady responded saying that she collects preemie clothes to give to moms who need them. Her son was born at 28 weeks and passed away and she wanted to find some way to reach out to other mom's with preemies. In addition to bringing some outfits to my house for me, she told me of a website dedicated to supporting mom's on bedrest with high risk pregnancies. I had fun reading through it today. I got quite a kick out of the article describing the 15 benefits of taking pregnancy lying down. I can readily relate to just about every one on here. My favorites are #8, #9 and #11. Enjoy a look at bed rest from my perspective.

By Laurie Krauth
How often do the one in five pregnant women assigned to bed rest get to brag about the experience? Yet here we lie, accumulating perks unknown to our mobile counterparts. So heres a reminder to horizontal pregnant women, and a lesson to our vertical sisters, about just 15 of the benefits Ive accrued in taking pregnancy lying down.
1. My husband has learned to cook. And not just in the microwave.
2. He can run the house. (He no longer puts the first load of wash in the machine and leaves it to mold. He regularly fills--and empties--the dishwasher, notices when were out of milk, creates a shopping list, hits more than one store to get the goods, buys in bulk and looks out for sales.)
3. I am amassing a quantity of sleep-time that I wont see again until my baby is 2.
4. I am tearing through novels, mastering (in theory) the football hold for breastfeeding and gossiping with friends with a laziness that my baby wont permit again until preschool.
5. Im losing my type A-ness&is it possible? Before this bed rest thing, I couldnt talk on the phone or have a friend over without also cooking or filing papers.
6. My old definition of a top-flight evening--one spent eviscerating eight items on my to-do listhas been replaced by one spent watching two videos with my husband.
7. I can stare aimlessly into space (without mentally adding tasks to said to-do list).
8. My athletic virtuosity no longer depends upon at least one sweaty set of tennis, three jogs and a night of swing dancing a week. Tackling the stairs now makes me proud..
9. Lying on the couch in the living room (aka Bed Rest Central), I savor sightings of cardinals and chubby snowflakes. Gone is the muttering about barren, skinny trees and steel gray sky. This is a cornucopia of earthly delights compared with the medical building that stared back at me from the hospital bed I occupied the other week (and could occupy again any time).
10. I relish my babys increasingly zealous kick-boxing because I know hes well and happy, and that matters more than anything.
11. Forget any worries that my new husband loves me conditionallyfor the sex, or how I take care of business around the house, for my fanatical energy, or for my lithe body. These are a distant memory and still he treats me like his bride.
12. No doubts left about how hell handle Real Life with me. As our honeymoon giddiness has been replaced by his holding me from 3 to 5 a.m. while I await crisis-level bleeding, as well as preparing my meals and cleaning up after me, weve cruised seamlessly through a decades worth of marital developmental stages in less than a year.
13. Improbably, he still makes me feel like a honeymooner, despite my girth, exhaustion and periodic fear. Curling up together on Bed Rest Central beats a night at a Parisian café with a new lover. I feel this exquisite bittersweet appreciation of each moment we spend together thats intensified by the knowledge that a hospital bed may beckon at any moment.
14. I am finally ready to have my baby. All this lying around finally put a stop to my obsessive worries about handling the transition to motherhood, leaving in its wake the searing desire to get on with toughening up my nipples and changing diapers for the kick-boxer Im carrying.
15. Im actually looking forward to being liberated by childbirth. While my fellow expectant mothers anticipate losing mobility and independence, I cant wait to be off bed rest and carry my baby and his hundreds of accoutrements through the house and out into the world. Ill be free!
Laurie Krauth is a psychotherapist and writer in Ann Arbor, Michigan, whose complete placenta previa required that the last month of pregnancy be spent at Bed Rest Central. She has a healthy, delicious seven-month-old boy.

I will be 29 weeks on Sunday! YEAH!!!! I've had a few more contractions today than I have been having but everything seems to still be fine. I think I just need to keep my feet up a bit more. Don't worry, I'll be good. :o)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Photo Shoot in Colorado

I am now 28 1/2 weeks along. My contractions are under control. Only 1-2 an hour. Sometimes I don't even have one for an hour or two. I am now comfortable getting off the couch for 10-15 minutes at a time. Don't worry, I won't over do it but it is nice to move around a little bit. We have just been so blessed with so many people coming to help. Bekah is coping very well with all the people coming to play with her or take her to play at her house. It's funny, because she will be a perfect angel at their house and then act out when she is here. At least it's not the other way around. She is having fun gettting to play with everyone though.

More fun pictures from Colorado. I know we took lots but Megan and I had such fun getting sweet photos of the girls.

Megan with her baby. I had so much fun visiting them and seeing Taeya play and explore.

I can't believe how big Bekah looks in these photos. She is definitely a little girl and not a baby any longer.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Family Pictures in Colorado

We had such fun getting family pictures. There is a golf course right next to Megan and Phil's house. We went there to get photos since they had such pretty backgrounds.

Kisses for Bekah

My sweet sister, Megan and her husband Phil, and daughter Taeya.

New Haircut

My little sweetie.

On Friday my Aunt Jennifer took Bekah and me to get our hair cut. Bekah's bangs were in her eyes and my hair needed something different. I love my hairdressers. There is never a line and they are so sweet and nice. We were in and out in 15 minutes. No extra contractions either.

Bekah had so much fun taking the flower petals that were falling off the roses and throwing them on the sidewalk. Then she would get on her hands and knees and blow them away.

Here you can see my new hair cut. I love it! I went and sat on the front porch to get a little sun and watch Bekah play. The breeze was blowing and the sun was perfect.

My contractions have really decreased. I am really hoping to keep her in until very close to term. Last night I missed one of my doses for my medicine. I thought I had taken it, but I hadn't. I started having a bunch of contractions. I took the next dose a little early and went to bed to slow them down. They are under control this morning and I will be taking it really easy today. No more missing my medication!

Praise the Lord: Today I am 28 weeks. Life can only get better for my little one from here on out. 28 week preemies will be in the hospital for awhile but they rarely have major issues. It is so neat to see everyone from church, people I know well, hardly know or have maybe met once pitch in to help us out. We are so blessed! Thank-you all who have brought over a dinner, called me, visited or watched Bekah and especially those who are praying. God wil bless you. I am so encouraged and my spirits are lifted up. We love you all.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Glenwood Springs

I am now 27 1/2 weeks along in my pregnancy. The contractions are under control though I still am having them when I get off the couch. I am taking it very easy and have lots of help here to take care of Bekah and let me rest. Thank-you all for your prayer and support.

Bekah was so sweet with Taeya. One afternoon while we were getting ready to leave Bekah noticed that Taeya didn't have any toys to play with. So she got toy after toy for her and piled them all on top of her.

This is the look she gave me when I tried to get a picture of her helping. I think she was getting pretty sick of the camera by this point. Can you tell that she has entered the terrible two's?

We rode the gondola up to Glenwood Springs. Bekah wasn't too sure at first but did really well.

Megan, Taeya and Phil

Bekah had fun climbing into the flower bed to see it better.

This was a fun game for Bekah. She would walk on the wall and then jump off into our arms.

Megan tried riding the bull. It was quite funny. She actually did very well.

Megan, Taeya and Phil

We were looking at the old photo gallery when a lady came up to me and said, " Hi Sarah." I don't know anyone in Colorado besides Megan so I had no idea who would know me. I turned and was so surprised to see Pastor Beckett and his wife Joan. He was my pastor in Pennsylvania and they were also my friends parents. I had spent a lot of time at their house growing up. We had a lovely time talking and getting caught up on them.

Pastor Tony and Joan Beckett

Our familys together.

We bought passes for Phil, Megan and Chris so that they could ride all the rides. We were all going to go through the Glenwood Caverns. It was a 70 min tour and involved lots of walking. We would have to carry the girls but thought it would be fun. We had to wait for 2 1/2 hours before heading into the caverns. We walked around and did some rides (not me!!) Right before we started the tour, Taeya fell asleep in the stroller and Bekah had a melt down on the concrete. She put her blanket on the cement, lay down and didn't want to move. I was tired out and so we decided that Megan and I would take the girls home. We did.

Chris and Phil stayed for the tour and then went on the Alpine Slide a couple of times in the rain. They had lots of fun. Chris called me on the way up the mountain after the first slide down. He said that it was insane and they were going to do it again.