Saturday, September 27, 2008

How we ended up with a new table today.

I'll be 33 weeks tomorrow. I have been able to do more with out too many contractions. I think i overdid it a little today, but I am still not in labor. Yeah! I am really looking forward to going to church tomorrow.

Michelle came over on Friday to help with Bekah. Max and Luke came to play as well. Bekah had such fun with Max. I had to get a picture of this though. Max found a baby bottle and stuck it in Bekah's mouth. She just sat there and looked at me with this puzzled look on her face. Michelle and I just laughed.

Later that morning, Michelle was nursing Luke and I was lounging on the couch like normal. Max and Bekah were playing out of sight in the dining room. They were laughing and screaming and having a blast. I didn't think that they could get into trouble in there since everything was put away. Then I heard this funny noise. I asked if they were ok and they were. I got up to check out what was going on and I saw two guilty kids and our table like this.

I asked Bekah if she had been climbing on it and she said yes. She smiled at me and said, " I broke table."
We did some research on tables and ended up going to Cost Plus/ World Market. They had a beautiful table on clearance that was marked down almost by half. We ended up getting that one and a leather bench (also on sale) plus four chairs. We have to go get one more since we miscalculated on how it would look. We love the new table and can't wait to have family over to use it. It will seat 8 adults comfortably and is big enough for all the food to fit on the table with our plate settings.

Bekah tries on daddy's protective glasses while he works on refinishing the deck and picnic table.

Chris finished sanding and sealing our picnic table, benches and the deck today. They look very nice now. I have such a great husband!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Backyard S'mores

Today is a great day. I am 32 weeks today. Six weeks ago when I went into labor I was really hoping to get to this point and didn't think that I could. I am very relieved to be here at this point and to have the very real possibility of getting to 36 weeks. I'm still having contractions. They are Really uncomfortable but at least are not progressing into full on labor. Yesterday I got up to eat at the table for the first time in 6 weeks. I started having contractions every 2-3 minutes so I ended up on the couch again. At least they slowed down- yeah! I'm just excited that the end is in sight. Thanks for all your prayers and help!!

Ninja Girl.

Bekah's new game is to sit in your chair when you get up and giggle as you sit on her lap and squash her.

Thirty one weeks pregnant and counting.

We let Bekah get some outside time. After we went out we realized how cold it was. Chris started the fire and we had s'mores. Yummy!!

Chris gave Bekah some chocolate. Boy did she like that!! When he went into the house she saw a left over piece of chocolate and went to grab it. I told her no hands and that she needed to put it back. She put her mouth on it, thought about it, then put the entire (slightly wet) piece back for daddy. It was so funny.

Daddy's pillows, hehehe!

More Bed Rest

I am 31 1/2 weeks and doing great. I finally got permission to drive short distances, like to my doctors and stuff. I also can start going to church as long as the contractions remain ok. They can be up to 2 minutes long but are pretty under control right now. Between 35 and 36 weeks I will wean off of the medicine I am on and I'll be off completely after 36 weeks. I really think that I will be able to wait to deliver until after 36 weeks. Once the medication stops though I think i'll deliver with in the week. We'll see! Here are some pictures of our family right now.


Playing outside.

Isn't this so cute? Chris was making waffles for dinner and Bekah went to help. She kept tasting the mix after they mixed it all up.

Grandmom had fun playing with Bekah as she built up towers and knocked them over. What a fun game.

This is Bekah's new, fun way to go up to bed. Her Uncle Kevin was putting her to bed the other night and she kept climbing up on his shoulder until she was just like this.

I got a Little Tykes Slide on Craigs list. It took awhile to actually pick it up since the lady we were getting it from kept loosing her phone and getting toys flushed down her toilet. We ended up getting it for only $20. Bekah loves it!

Bekah has discoved that she can sit in the doggie door and block it.

Time with Mommy before bed.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bekah's Balance Beam

It's amazing what fun kids can have with just a few items laying around the yard. As before blogger is not allowing me to upload the video so here is the link:

Bekah's Balance Beam

Bobby Crocker Cook-off

Ok, sorry it has been so long since I have posted. I have been incredibly busy. (Hard to believe, I know) In the last week I finished 2 whole years of scrapbooking in one scrapbook. Sorry, don't mean to make you jealous Stephanie. Hey, maybe you'll get to go on bedrest someday and get lots of stuff done too. :o) I just don't know how long I have until the baby is here and there is so much I want to get done. I was so excited to get out of the house on Saturday and go to the Bobby crocker cook-off. I was a bit concerned a few hours before we left since I was having lots of contractions. Fortunately they quieted down and we could go. I am now just over 31 weeks and am really hoping to get to at least 34 weeks. I really think I can. Still having lots of contractions, some lasting up to 2 min. Those are no fun!!! Still doing good though and can't wait to get out and see everyone. Miss you all!

The Bobby Crocker Cook-off was so fun. All of the dishes the guys made were incredible and tasty. The girls decided that we should do a Bobby Crocker cook-off every month and maybe a Betty Crocker cook-off once a year.

Our bare-footed server.

Andy made really good sausage rolls.

All of the girls just loved being waited on by our wonderful husbands. The food was excellant and the company delightful.

Eric made artichoke dip with pita chips.
Jeremy created turkey burgers grilled with brie cheese inside, topped with grilled granny apples. Yummy!

Josh helped serve the burgers. He had made an incredible appetizer of toasted bagette with a cheese, garlic and bacon spread topped with diced tomatoes. Yummy! I could have eaten the whole thing myself.

Matt made delicious chocolate dipped cheese cake with raspberry drizzle. I loved the presentation of them on lolly pop sticks.

Michelle and Luke enjoy some yummy food.

Sarah and Cherise dig into dessert.

Sarah, Christine and Emberlie.

Our fearless leader, Dan, in his kilt and leather jacket.

Matt won the best dessert and the best over all dish. Way to go!

Josh, Andy, Eric , Matt and Jeremy.

All the girls.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sonoma County Fair

Thirty Weeks today!!
I am so excited that Hannah (we finally chose a name for her) has remained where she should for this long. My ultrasound on Thursday went really well. She is now 3lbs 3oz and is very active. I put her sonogram picture in a cute frame and have it on the table next to me downstairs. Bekah keeps carrying it around and pointing to it and saying, "Baby!" I have been on bedrest for 4 weeks now. I really thought that by now the contractions would have really slowed down and I could be up and doing more. Well, the contractions are within my OK perameters but I am still having quite a few every day even with me doing NOTHING. God has been so good in giving me patience and such calmness and peace as I lay here every day.

I'm still keeping busy with Bekah and all my little projects. I have recently started reading the book, "Don't Make Me Count to Three." I got it on Thursday and am already 1/2 way through it. My Aunt Jennifer was here with Catie on Friday and gave me pretty note cards to write down verses and stuff on. I am writing down all the inspiring verses in the book that are the tools that God gave parents to train their children. I think it will be such a great resource to have so many training and instructing verses in one spot on very cute cards. Thanks Auntie!! I have also organized all my recipies and put them in a book. I got rid of the ones that I'll never use and wrote all the ones down that I needed to still do. Most of my Christmas presents are done and are ready to be wrapped. Catie showed me how to do "flairs" on facebook and so I had a blast with that. Sorry to those who I sent a bunch of flairs to. I was really getting into it. :o) As you can see, life is not boring yet. I found a Little Tykes Slide on Craigs list and Chris will pick it up today. That will be so fun for Bekah and keep her happy and amused for awhile. That's all on the updates. Now onto the pictures!

I know that this is a really late post but I had some fun pictures that I wanted to blog. We were able to go to the fair on the last day. It was fun to walk around, see the sights and enjoy some good food.

We really enjoyed the flower show.

Bekah was so totally done with getting her picture taken. Can you tell?

Nana Laurie gave Bekah some pennies to throw into the water. She had a good time doing that.

We locked up all the girls. Don't worry, I didn't leave them there too long.


Can you see me, mom?

We love Pasta King Pesto!

Nana Laurie got to hold little Taeya while we ate.

Megan and I really enjoyed our pesto. I had to get some to bring to Chris as well. This is one thing we do every year at the fair.

We had to get some cotton candy for Bekah before we left the fair. We all enjoyed it, but especially Bekah. We heard the word, "More!" quite a bit.