Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More Bekah-Who Else?

I just love it when she smiles like this. Her whole face lights up and the world is a wonderful place.

Jeremy, This is for you. The junior high kids all loved the Trogdor outfit. Sorry you weren't feeling good and missed the premier of your gift to Bekah the Burninator. As you can see she thought it was cute too.

A little sunshine goes a long way with a cute baby.

Monday, January 22, 2007

A Little Fun With our Daughter

On my las blog I mentioned that Patricia said, "Bekah looks just like Chris with a barrette." My Aunt Jennifer commented,
"I'll grant you she does look a lot like her daddy, but until she gets the beard, she will safely never look just "like Chris in a barrette.":) This comment was provided on my last blog's comments and gave me a great idea for some pictures and a new blog. Enjoy!!

By the way, I was planning on just drawing on a beard with markers to Chris's mortification. He was very relieved when I couldn't find ones that would wash off and I changed my plan a bit. He still couldn't believe that I would do that to Bekah however. I just find her "change" absolutely hilarious.

After much begging and sweet talk Chris' parents agreed to play Settlers of Catan. We had such a fun time and Chris' mom won the game. She still states she had no idea what she was doing, but I think she did a pretty good job to beat so many old hands at the game. Good job mom!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Such a Happy Baby

We are really, really enjoying our little bundle of joy. She is such a blessing and so much fun. Her personality is just blossoming and she is really becoming a little person in her own right. Yesterday Patricia made the comment that she looks like Chris with a barrett in her hair. I do have to admit that she does look like him a lot. Bekah is sleeping through the night and goes down for bed with out a fuss each night which is just wonderful. She and I made it through my first days back to work without too many tears. When Chris couldn't watch her Stephanie C. got to spend time with her. It is such a blessing to know she is in a safe place with someone who will love and care for her so well. Bekah is almost 13 lbs and growing so fast. It is hard to keep up with her in the clothes dep. Enjoy the new pictures.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

So grown up!

So I finally found some really cute barrettes. I think Bekah looks adorable with one in her hair.

Friday, January 12, 2007

I love Bekah so much!!

Bekah's personality is coming out so much. We love seeing her find her hands and suck on them. (Can't find the thumb yet) She is smiling and cooing and laughing so much and it is lots of fun.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Christmas with family

Chris is such a great husband. For my latest birthday (I'll let you guess how old) Chris brought me a teddy bear, a balloon and a huge bouqet of flowers. It was so sweet and definitely earned brownie points. Thanks sweetie!!

Our new family.

My dad had a good time with Bekah and got lots of hugs. My mom was soooo sad because she had a cold and tried not to hold Bekah too much. Hopefully next time she will feel better and get her hugs in too.

My sister Megan and I are so close. I miss her a ton and it was great to spend time together. As you can see we like to have lots of fun.

Auntie Megan had a great time giving Bekah a bath in the sink. She did a great job and Bekah enjoyed her bath.

No more pictures mom!! PLEASE!!

Sound asleep and oh so cute.

Kristen came to visit and had lots of fun holding Bekah. This is at a little Mexican Restaurant. Really good food!