Saturday, October 08, 2011

Sit a Spell: Weepy, Wonderful Saturday: Ross King: God Undefeatable

Sit a Spell: Weepy, Wonderful Saturday: Ross King: God Undefeatable

Thank-you for sharing. I have never heard of him. I listened on itunes, then bought every album they were selling of his. Love his music and love the lyrics. Awesome!

Happy Birthday Hannah!!

Dear Hannah,
Oh my sweet lovable, cuddly little girl. I am so, so glad that you came into our hearts and our home. I was so thrilled when I found out your little life had been placed within me. It was an Easter morning. Bekah, your big sister was 1 1/2 years old. We had just gotten back from church and all our family was here. I took the pregnancy test and immediately told your daddy that you were coming. He was speachless for a minute and then was so happy. When everyone was gathered in our living room I picked up Bekah and told her she was going to be a big sister. Little by little all around the room our family realized that mommy was pregnant. It was a fun day, filled with such joy because of you.

You grew in mommy's tummy and I loved every minute of it. Ok, I didn't love the morning sickness. I did love feeling you kick and flip inside of me. Around 22 weeks, I was working in the NICU at night time and I started having 8-9 contractions an hour. It stopped when I rested and so I thought nothing more of it. Right after that our family went to Colorado to visit Taeya, Aunt Megan and Uncle Phil. You got to go white water rafting with mommy and enjoy doing lots of fun things. Aunt Megan and Taeya came here to visit after we visited them. We went to the beach and got to go camping. All was well until my first night back to work. Mommy started having a bunch of contractions. I was taking care of a very sick baby and couldn't leave him. I really thought all was fine even though a contraction came every time I moved. After sleeping, I was still having contractions. Daddy took me to the hospital to make sure you were ok and were not coming early. I was 26 weeks pregnant with you.

That night you tried very hard to come. I lay in bed feeling the contractions tighten my abdomen. I prayed and prayed that God would keep you safe inside until you were much bigger. I was scared. Scared that you would come and need a lot of help to stay alive. That night and every night after I gave you to God. I told Him that I really wanted to have you safe in my arms and have you healthy. I know that you are and always have been completely in His hands. I surrendered your life to Him. If He wanted me to take you home and raise you to honor Him, then He would spare your life. If He wanted you to be in heaven with Him, then He could take you and I wouldn't fight. God gave me such peace after I gave you to Him 100%. I still prayed every day, every hour, sometimes every minute, that you would be ok. But I knew that I didn't have to worry. We had so many people in the church praying for your little life. Your tiny body was covered in prayer for many, many weeks. What a blessing.

Mommy spent the next 10 weeks in the hospital or at home on bed rest. That was hard for mommy to sit still. I never have liked to be still. God allowed me the patience to rest my body so that you could grow and get stronger. He worked in my heart as well and showed me so many blessings that He was giving me. Everyone from the church was wonderful. Since I wasn't allowed to get off the couch, I couldn't take care of Bekah or the house. One to two people came every single day to take care of us. God blessed me with their love and their encouragement. I was given so many blessings. I would never have chosen to go through what I did, but God showed me that He had a purpose and was working in my heart to make me what He wanted me to be.

Then you decided it was time to be born. You were a little early at 35 weeks, but much better than 26 weeks. After 20 hours of labor, you were born. Since you were little they took you to the warmer to check you out. My heart was so overflowing with joy when you started crying. The sound of your sweet, little cry was music to my ears. I was able to hold you for a minute before you went to the NICU to get a bit of help. That was one of the best moments of my life. You were born and were so darling.

You had to spend 12 days in the NICU as your lungs healed and you got stronger. I loved every minute that I spent with you. Hannah darling, you loved being held and cuddled. Then we finally got to bring you home. What a great day that was. You fit into our family like you had always been there. I don't know how we made it until you in our lives. You bring us such joy.

I have loved every moment that you have been in my life. I love the way you love to snuggle and cuddle. You are never as happy as when you are able to sit in our laps. It doesn't matter what we do with you, you just like being with us. We read to you, tell you stories, sing to you and tickle you. You love it and so do we.

It has been a fun three years seeing you grow into a beautiful, sweet little girl. You learned to talk quite early and you keep us laughing with all the things you say. I love seeing how you see the world. Hannah, you love talking and singing (quite off key) but we love it. You can't say your s's very well. I love it when you sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. You sing sweetly, "Twinkle, twinkle, little Tar. . . Like a diamond in the Ky." Daddy and I just sit and giggle while we listen.

You just started Cubbies and you love getting to memorize and say your verses. The first time you were going to say your verse to your teacher, you were just a little shy. She could see that you knew it but just did not want to say it. Papa Karl came into the room. You ran right over to him and said all your verses perfectly. That made me laugh. The next week, you were braver and said them right away.

One of the things you say that I love is, "If I don't want to eat my food, then I don't have to. If I want to I can. But if I don't want to then I won't". You often say, "If I am disobedient, you still love me." Oh how true that it, sweet one.

You have such a compassionate heart for the things of God. The other day we were talking about a lady that lives in Africa and takes care of a lot of orphans and people that need God's love. I showed you the picture of the lady surrounded by some of the kids that she took care of. One of the little boys didn't have a shirt and you asked why. I explained that many of those kids only have one set of clothes. Maybe the little boy didn't even have a shirt. Hannah, you looked at me with such serious eyes and said, "Mommy, we need to pray right now that God would give that boy clothes. He needs to have clothes." So you did. I love seeing how you are so touched by the needs of others, even as a two year old. Every day, you pray when we eat. You always say, "Dear Jesus, Mommy-I don't know the words. What do I say? (then you pray for our missionaries) Bless this food to our bodies. Amen!!" You care about those we pray for and ask about them often.

Sweet little one, I Iove you so much. My favorite time of the day is your bedtime. Every evening I put you to bed. You get your jammies on and ask to be rocked. I love how you snuggle with me. I always ask you what was the best part of your day. Things you have said: "I didn't go anywhere today." "Going to the Park." "Cubbies!" "Giving you hugs and kisses when you got home in the morning was the best part of my day." Sometimes you sing to me. Then you climb into your bed-all by yourself. I cover your up with at least three blankies, then put your music and crickets on. You have to give me a hug and a kiss or you won't go to sleep. Often, you tell me that I can wipe off the just the slobbery parts. After you give me a kiss, you blow on it three times so that I can't actually wipe of the real kiss. I love it when you do that.

You are such a sweet girl and I love you so much. I absolutely love it when I come home from work and you are at the window jumping up and down screaming my name. I walk in the door and you run over to me and jump into my arms and cover me with kisses. That is the best part of my day. I love you and am so glad that I get to watch you grow up into the amazing girl that God is making you into.

Your Mommy

Monday, October 03, 2011

More funny stories about the girls

I love when Hannah looks up at me with loving eyes and says, "Even if I'm grumpy or disobedient, you still love me."

Sometimes I just don't follow. My little Hannah was just speading bark all over the sidewalk. I asked her not to do that. With all seriousness she told me that it was for the ducks. " Oh", I said, "the ducks?" "Yes", said Hannah. "The ducks like raspberries. The bark is the raspberries." I said, "Well, can you put the raspberries in the bark where they belong." Hannah was certain that she could not since the ducks had to swim in the water and there was no water over there. I just left it at that. What else could I say?

Hannah keeps telling everyone that she is going to the pumpkin patch to get her birthday. We are celebrating at the pumpkin patch but I think she is slightly confused about how it all happens.
Today I had a Mommy/Daughter date with the girls at a local donut shop. I can't eat anything there, but the girls enjoyed it. Bekah ate her donut all up and loved it. Hannah, not so much. She picked off a sprinkle and asked what was inside. I said sugar. From that moment on, she would pick up a sprinkle, crush it and shout, "It is SUGAR!!" She only took two bites of donut but she had lots of sprinkles with sugar.

Kids are not stupid. Bekah just was playing doctor/sick baby with Hannah. Bekah was the doctor and made Hannah lay on the couch because she was sick. After instructing Hannah not to move, Bekah ran over to get the little people's house. I heard her say, "I can play with this all by myself because Hannah is stuck on the couch."

Hannah gets so excited when she sees peekadots. (Her term for polkadots) I love it.
Everytime the girls aske to be dismissed from the table, Hannah says, "May I be accused." Bekah says, "May I be remissed." Well, close enough I guess.

Last night I was putting Hannah to bed. She started asking questions about where the sun went when she went to bed. I said that it was on the other side of the world, where Romel (our compassion child from the Philippines) and where India is. We pray all the time that the people of India would learn about God and love Him. She piped up, "Is the sun learning to love God?" Precious.

The other day I asked Bekah if she wanted presents or money for her birthday (she is really into buying things all by herself at the store). She said clearly and loudly, "I want presents AND money!!!!" What a smart girl.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Happy Birthday Darling Bekah

Five years ago my life changed in a moment. In one moment I went from a wife and soon to be mommy, to a real mommy. I had been dreaming of that moment for years. All I ever wanted to be as a child (besides a nurse) was a mommy. I dreamed about holding my precious child in my arms and kissing her little nose. I dreamed about rocking her and cuddling her while the CD played soft, beautiful lullabys. I couldn't wait to bath and dress and snuggle my darling baby.

And then my first little girl was born. My darling Bekah. You were everything I had ever wanted. You were everything I dreamed you would be. I adored you (and still do!). Each moment spent with you was so precious. I remember the first time I held you. You were so little and precious and my eyes lite up with the joy of you. That was one of the best moments of my entire life. I loved you so much I thought my heart would explode. Every moment was special because you were there to share it with us.

Darling Bekah, you are almost five years old. You have grown up so much! I love spending time with you. I truely wish every day could be filled with our special Mommy/daughter dates, playing in the park, cooking in the kitchen together, eating ice cream at every place in town that sells it and snuggling on the couch with you reading a whole stack of books. I know that life flys by so quickly. Too soon you will grow up and not want to spend time doing all the little things we do. I try to make every moment with you count. I try hard to give you tons of hugs and kisses and make sure I tell you all the time that I love you. I am having the best time of my life with you here by my side. I want you to know that no matter what you do or where you are, I love you. I always have and I always will.

I absolutely love seeing you become the girl that God wants you to be. You are learning to take care of your sister and to be gentle with her. Lately you have been playing so nicely with her while you dig in the dirt together, play mommy/baby or doggy together, or just have her sit next to you at dinner. The other day you and Hannah were throwing toys down the stairs. By the time I stopped you, one of Hannah's dolls was broken. I repremanded you and then went back to the kitchen. As I turned to go I heard you tell Hannah, "I'm so sorry, Hannah. I didn't mean to break your dolly. Will you forgive me? I'm so sorry." It made my heart so glad to hear you say that so gently and lovingly. I can see God working in your life and in your heart. I pray all the time that you would let God change your heart when it is hard and sinnful. That He would help you to repent and make it right with those you have wronged. Not because I want you to, but because He wants you to. That way you can be close to God and close to your family and friends. Everytime you see the wrong you have done and truely are sorry and ask for forgiveness, I am so happy. Happy to see you do the right thing and to have you close to my heart again.

We pray every day for missionaries and their needs. You love praying for them and you are so sweet as you pray. God has given you a heart for those that need Him. I absolutely love seeing God touch your heart with compassion for those that are hurting, sick or sad or for those that don't know Him. We are praying often for the kids in India to be able to go to the Bible clubs. We also pray for the literacy program for woman and for new churches to be started. We got a special box to save up our money to give to Mission India so that they can help the natives share God's love and His message of salvation. As soon as we got the piggy bank for India, you ran over to your piggy bank and emptied it all into the one for India. You have such a generous heart.

Bekah, you love life and all that God has given you. I love how you get so excited over all the little things: reading books on the couch, reading our Bible books, going to the library, going on walks or to the park, getting to use your umbrella in the rain, sipping hot cocoa in front of a warm fire, getting to watch a movie or take a bath, going to the beach or out for icecream or just getting pushed on the swings. You embrace all that God has given you and you make me smile. I look forward to all the days ahead that I get to spend with you. I can't wait to see what you do for God as you grow into the daughter that He wants you to be.

I love you, my darling Bekah

Love Mommy