Saturday, March 31, 2007

Downtown Grand Junction

This is my favorite sign that I saw. Every store should have one.

So we walked around downtown for awhile just to see what was there. This is Main St. in Grand Junction, Colorado. It is a nice little place with cute shops. Spent a little while talking to some of the owners of the stores and just had a nice, relaxing time. We went into a toy store and got some really cute pictures of Bekah. I will post more pictures soon of the rest of the area and of the Colorado National Monument. We are having a great time and will be heading home on Sunday.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My New Hat

I went to junior high youth group this wednesday and got such a sweet surprise. One of the JR high boys came in with this little crocheted hat. He walked up to me and handed me the cap. He said that he made it for Bekah and wanted her to have it. Is that sweet or what? He learned in home economics class and was so excited to make it for her. It is a little bit small but we got it to fit on her head for a short while. Thanks Stephen!!

This is Bekah with more of her darling smiles. She really is such a happy and good baby most of the time. I am just loving being a mom.

A Day at the Beach

We spent a fun afternoon on the beach today. It was so great to just relax with my family and not work on the house or anything else. We packed a picnic lunch and drove out to school house beach. After eating we walked the beach and then sat by the cliff near a little waterfall. Bekah had a nice little nap in the carrier and Baily, our doggy, had fun playing in the water and running around. It was kinda cold and windy but we kept Bekah nice and warm. It was soooo relaxing.

Chris shared some special time with Bekah in the car. Isn't he so cute with her? I love their beautiful blue eyes and darling smiles.

On the way home we stopped for icecream at Screamin' Mimi's. They have really good icecream and a fun place to relax. This is Bekah napping again while we waited in line. All in all it was a pretty perfect day!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

A California Baby

A few days ago I took Bekah out on our front lawn. The sun was starting to set and it was a gorgeous day. These are some pictures I got of my beautiful California baby. She was looking around, smiling and shrieking so loud Chris could hear her inside. She also watched the icecream truck go by though she was too little to run after it. Each day I just thank God for giving such a wonderful child into our care. We love her so much.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Baily doesn't really know what to make of Bekah. Sometimes she looks irritated when Bekah is crying or talking loud. Most of the time she just sniffs her and walks away. Too soon she will be looking for quiet places to take a nap where Bekah can't pull her ears and climb on her.