Thursday, September 29, 2011

Little Girls - Funny Stories

Last night I was putting Hannah to bed. She started asking questions about where the sun went when she went to bed. I said that it was on the other side of the world, where Romel (our compassion child from the Philippines) and where India is. We pray all the time that the people of India would learn about God and love Him. She piped up, "Is the sun learning to love God?" Precious.

The other day I asked Bekah if she wanted presents or money for her birthday (she is really into buying things all by herself at the store). She said clearly and loudly, "I want presents AND money!!!!" What a smart girl.

Conversation with Hannah before bed tonight: " When it is dark, Auntie Shonna Kuhner can't leave her house." Me-why not? "She has to say inside but she can leave if she wants to." Me-Ok. "She can't be by herself. She has to have somebody with her." Me-Well, Bodie is with her. Do cats count? "No, Bodie isn't Hannah or Bekah" Me-Hannah, you are so silly. "I'm not silly, I'm goofy. I already told you that."

Bekah just told me there was a dead swap under the chair. Actually, it was just a wasp, with a slightly different name.

During our Bible time this morning we were talking about Abraham's servant choosing a wife for Isaac. I asked the girls how the servant knew who was the right girl to choose for Isaac. Hannah said,"He said to the girl, "I'm going to choose you girl!" " Not quite, but close.

Hannah told me today, "When I was your age I used to work all the time." Oh really, and what life was that in.

I love how Hannah always protects me. She is constantly asking if the food I am eating gluten free. Is it safe or will it make you sick, mamma? Last night she was eating a brownie and asked if it was poison or ok. LOVE my girl!!!