Friday, April 10, 2009

Bekahs funny sayings

I write down some of the funny stuff that Bekah says and does. We really enjoy her so much and love the entertainment. I have grouped the funny stuff into the month in which she said it.

Sept 2008

Whenever Bekah gets hurt now she says (in a very dramatic voice) "It hurts wearwy bad."

"Daddy making toffy (coffee). It makes noise." This is when he is grinding the coffee beans.

Bekah's new game is to put a baby diaper on her dolly. She then takes it off and says, "Baby poopie." After getting a wipe out, she cleans the dolly. Then she smelled it and said, "Stinky". After putting the diaper back on, she does it all over again.

Bekah painted to the chair in front of the drum set and said, "Uncle Kevin, sit!" He did. Then she pointed to the X-box and said, "Push Button". She definitely knows what she wants.

Bekah asked her Grandmom for a cookie. Grandmom told her that she needed to ask mommy if she could have a cookie. Bekah ran into the living room, found her mommy and said, "Ack! Ack!" Mommy finally figured out that she was saying, "Ask, Ask". To this day she still says, "Ask! Ask!" when she wants something.

Bekah wanted to play ball with her daddy. Daddy wanted to sit in the lounge chair. Bekah thought otherwise. She patted the ground in front of daddy and said, "Ground. Sit. Here. Sit. Ground." Until he sat there. Way to be persistent.

Mommy woke up to Bekah's loud voice one morning in September. Bekah was standing at her doorway which was blocked by the baby gate. She wanted the kitty to come play. She kept shouting, "Kitty! Kitty! Kitty!" When Emma didn't respond to that, she started yelling, "Meow! Meow! Meow!" Somehow that didn't work either.

October 2008

Our little 2 year old decided to feed her Play-doh to Bailey when mommy was in the other room. Fortunately Bailey lived through that.

Bekah received a Four Wheeler for her birthday. It had a loose connection and so would only make noise sometimes. Bekah wanted us to fix it. She piped up with, " I need batteries." just as clear as day. I didn't even know she knew about batteries.

November 2008

We sat down to dinner and we all held hands to pray. Bekah looked at daddy and said,
"Go ahead. Go ahead." Daddy asked Bekah if she wanted to pray. Bekah shut her eyes and said, "Just pray, just pray, just pray!"

Mommy and Bekah were eating lunch and mommy left the room for a minute. Mommy could hear her saying to Bailey, "Come here, come here, Bayee, Bayee. Eat it. Come here, eat off floor."

More fun stuff coming!