Monday, June 19, 2006

Baby Update With New Pictures

Great News! Well, we went to UCSF for the ultrasound today. Everything looked really good and there seems to be no problem with the baby's growth and development. We both think the baby looks bigger than he did a week and a half ago. It was so fun to see our child again. The tech spent a good 45 min. showing us the baby and taking measurements. Then the doctor looked at the baby too for another 20 min. I could have gazed at our baby all day. The echo of the baby's heart was good too. The tech was very funny. He put Toy Story 2 on for us to watch during the hour long sonogram. It did entertain Chris for awhile. He would watch it then look at the screen of the baby's heart. The tech also drew a smily face on my belly with the goop! God is so good and has given us such a blessing. I am so glad that there are no problems, but as we told the doctors, even if something was wrong we would still love the baby and take care of it no matter what. I am thrilled that I get to have another ultrasound in about 10 weeks to see how the baby's growing. It could be a little smaller than it would have due to the single artery. Here are the cute pictures we got from the ultrasound.

Say hello to our baby again. This is the baby's face and a little fist. The brain was perfect. We got to see the ventricles and they looked great. Quite a few times we saw the baby's nose and lips. We both think that the baby has my nose (Sarah's). He kept yawning and opening his mouth. We are both so in love with our baby already and can't wait to see him. I am calling our baby a him even though we don't know if it is a boy or girl. So don't get excited and think that I spilled the news. We are waiting till the baby is born though it is very, very difficult for me.

The baby was waving his hand around and pointing here. I think he was telling us to stop squishing him and bothering him. Our little one is so active and expressive already. Watch out when he comes into the world and is able to tell us what he really thinks.

Every time we saw the baby's arms and hands he/she had them next to his face. Here he is in the thinking pose. He had his hand curled up with his chin sitting on it. One of the hands was always touching his face.

The baby's foot is kicking out here. I have no idea what else is in the picture. Maybe the cord? My little one keeps kicking and jumping around inside me. I can see little bumps once in awhile when it kicks extra hard. The first time this happened I called Chris at work totally excited. A couple days later he got to feel our baby kick too. I get a little thrill each time I feel him move.

Here is a pic of the baby's face. You can see his/her eye. A little freaky-freaky but cool.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Prayer Request

Sarah had a sonogram last friday and one of the things that was pointed out was our baby has a two vessel umbilical cord rather than a three vessel umbilical cord. The tech said that it was probably nothing to worry about since the sonogram looked good but that if the Dr. wanted to do more tests they would let us know. Well, Sarah got a call from her Doc yesterday saying that they want her to go down to UCSF to have a Level 2 sonogram and an Echo-cardiogram done on the baby. If all goes as planned we will head down to UCSF on monday the 19th to have this done. It seems that this is just to be sure there are no complications from the two vessel cord so we don't think that there is anything to worry about but we would covet your prayers over the next few days as we wait to have the tests done and then wait to hear the results.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Of baby pictures and anniversaries

Here is our baby!!! Chris went with me to the ultrasound of our child. It was incredible!! Our baby is so active. It was doing flips and kicking and waving its arms in front of its face as if to say stop pushing on my mom's belly. We saw its mouth move and it almost was able to suck its fingers. I stand in awe of a God who is able to create a life inside of me.

Look at the baby's leg. We had a hard time capturing the picture because the baby kept kicking.

Here is both of the baby's feet. I can't quite count the toes though.

Chris took me out to the coast for our anniversary. It was a week early but I have to work on June 17. We went to the Timbercove Inn on Hwy 1 along the coast. It was so beautiful. Our room overlooked the ocean and had a fireplace in it as well. They had a couple of cats living there and they would appear in the weirdest places. It was very cool with the wind blowing so hard but it was so peaceful and relaxing. After getting up the next morning and enjoying a great breakfast we drove up to Mendocino. After shopping and having lunch we drove back home and took a nap. That was the last anniversary without having to find a babysitter. Boy was it fun!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pier 39/San Francisco

Missy was so awesome. She gave me a whole bunch of cute maternity clothes. I tried them all on and had a blast.

Getting bigger and bigger.

Baily loves water and kept trying to eat the water. It was so funny.

My flowers are doing really great. I like the gereniums the best because they bring lots of color and I don't seem to be able to kill them.

Goof off.

My husband is so cute isn't he.

It took us several tries to get a nice picture and this is the reason why.

We went to a really good pizza place for lunch. Jeremy was so hungry he devoured the lemon that came with his drink. His face was so funny.

The seals were a blast to watch. They were so loud and obnoxious but very cute too. We watched them for about 30 min. One enormous seal jumped up on the raft and two on the other end flew off. We all laughed at that.

That day was so windy as you can tell. It was great when there were buildings in the way but next to the ocean was definitely chilly. Spending time with Chris and family was really great. We walked for hours and I discovered where every bathroom was(even on a battle ship that we toured.) That night I was so tired I could barely eat. Bedtime was 8:00 for me and I slept for 12.5 hours and then took a 3 hour nap that afternoon. Well the exhaustion was totally worth it.

I love this picture. It reminds me of what fun we had that day.

Sarah can be a little crabby.

Jeremy never saw what hit him.

The Happy Birthday hats are awesome. Kind of wish we had gotten one.

Don't you love our funny hats. This is Wayne and Lynn, Chris' parents, Chris and Jeremy.