Tuesday, December 08, 2009

More Funny Sayings

Here are some more funny things that happened at our house last year.

January 09

Bekah found a receipt and walked around the house looking at it saying, "A hunny dollars."

When we were making cookies Bekah wanted to help. I let her pour in the chocolate chips. They spilled onto the counter. While mommy picked up the chips, Bekah stuffed as many chocolate chips as she could into her mouth. Does she take after her mommy or what?

Bekah really enjoys gathering all her things and carrying them where ever we go. At bedtime she needs her dolly, two puppies, at least one book, two blankies and whatever toy she fancies that day. During our outing today she had her dolly, a teddy bear and her reindeer purse. This had about 10 baby spoons, a toy rattle, a ducky ring for Larry Boy and a bunch of other toys.

Mommy sat down to read "Let's Dance Little Pookie" to Bekah. Mommy read the first page and then Bekah said, "Shhhh, mommy, shhhh" She picked up her wooden block "cell phone" and said, "Hello Chuck. I read Pookie Pookie. Bye. See ya later." Mommy read one more page and had to stop to let Bekah make another phone call. Every page this went on. Sometimes she would tell who she was calling about the story that we were reading.

We sat down to eat. Mommy said to Bekah, "Let's pray first." Bekah clapped her hands and shouted, "I so excited!" She really loves to pray.

Bekah calls Junior Asparagus Chunior Abaraquis and chap stick she calls pop stick.

Daddy asked Bekah where they were going today. Bekah said immediately, "High school!" No silly it was Sunday school.

Tonight we decided that it was time to transition to a big potty. We washed the potty chair out and Bekah took it to the garage. When we came back in I asked Bekah where she would go when she needed to go potty. She piped up, "The GARAGE!"

February 2009

Yesterday Chris stayed home with both girls after mommy worked. When mommy asked Bekah what daddy did all day she said, "Daddy, He work VERY hard." Isn't that the truth?

Bekah was running around the house. She stopped, clutched her chest and said, "Running is hard. My nipples so sore." She then ran around screaming, "My nipples so sore! My nipples so sore!" Not quite sure where this came from.

Bekah always says, "I right be back!" She also calls my little Raggedy Ann doll, Zacky. (This is short for Zaccheaus) When ever Bekah talks to Doug Crouse she says, "Hello Crouse." Her hiccups she calls Piccups.

Bekah offered a bowl of food to Daddy and asked him to lick it. After he licked it she giggled and said, "That's dog food."

Our eldest daughter has a great imagination. The other day she made a drive thru window and would run up to it and ask for dog food. She would then run over and put the "dog food" on a pan lid she had placed on the floor. Bailey kept trying to find the food and just stood there looking so confused.

Bekah came up to Daddy carrying her wet undies. When he asked her to show him where the pee-pee was, she walked him to the dog door. Turns out she squatted in the door with her bum outside and peed.

Hannah is now 4 months old. She sits up well in the bumbo. She smiles all the time and laughs out loud. We are thrilled that she is sleeping 8 to 10 hours a night.

March 2009

Bekah ran to daddy shouting, "Chris, Chris, Chris. Bailey loves me so much!"

At the Writebols, Bekah was supposed to be sleeping. We heard her crying and Chris went to check. She had taken off her jammies and her diaper. She was crying because she couldn't get her diaper back on correctly. IT was twisted int eh middle and fastened. We decided to just head on home at that point.

The other day Chris was at the radio station and Mommy was home with the girls. Mommy was nursing Hannah and talking with Nana on the phone. All of a sudden Mommy smelled something very fruity and strong. She thought is as apples but didn't know where it was coming from. Then she realized it was watermelon and quickly went to check on Bekah. Bekah was lying in the middle of the floor surrounded by and entire (new bottle) of watermelon shampoo. Mommy put Bekah in the tub to clean her off and went downstairs to clean up the mess. Then mommy took Hannah upstairs to give her a bath too. The bathroom smelled very strongly of lavender. She had emptied two bottles of shampoo and part of her foaming lavender bath stuff into the tub. After rerunning the bath and cleaning up the tub and floor. We finished the bath after that. What a day!!

Mommy said, "Bekah, do you like to discourse with your daddy?" (Why I asked her that, I truly don't know) She responded with, "Discourse say-Neigh!"

Mommy just caught Bekah feeding grass to Hannah. Oh dear!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Last Decembers funniest moments

I have a small notebook that I use to record the funny things that happen in our lives. So far most of it is all about Bekah. Soon Hannah will be joining the ranks as well.

Here are some things that I never thought I would ever have to say.
"Smell the candle with your nose, not with your fingers."
"We don't play with poop."
"Milk doesn't go in daddy's nose."

December 09

Bekah was helping put away grocery's when she found Bacon Bits. She held them up and confidently said, "Kitty Food."

Bekah loves to call her sister, "Hannah Peanut!" and she says, "Hang on Peanut."

We have a snowman that has magnetic arms. One day Bekah took one of the arms off the snowman to play with it. Emma, our kitty, was standing on the arm of the couch. She was up to the kitty and tried sticking the snowman's arm in Emma's rear. Daddy asked her what she was doing. She said that she was trying to push the kitty's "button".

Bekah loves our Advent Christmas tree. AFter she figured out what it was all about she got so excited when we would put a new ornament up.She loved looking at each one a dozen times. Once she started smelling them all and saying that they tasted good too. Each day we have to count all the ornaments hanging on it or she melts down.

She calls the Christmas tree a friss friss tree.

I got Bekah up from her nap the other day. She was singing, "Ho ho ho, Ha ha ha." She was trying to sing the Hosanna song.

Bekah was looking at the nativity snow globe. She thought all the wise men were Jesus. Then she pointed to a gift one of teh wise men had for Jesus and said, "Toast."

After Chris had the flu he said that he was wiped. Bekah piped up with, "I need a wipe too."

So there you have last Decembers funniest moments. More to come shortly!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

My Sweet Little Girls

So I have taken a long vacation from my blog. Sorry to all those who check it (or used to). I am on facebook now and putting all my photos on that. You really must get on facebook if you are not already.

Bekah is 2 3/4 years old now. She is loving being a big sister and helps out with Hannah. She loves to bring her toys and make sure she doesn't get into trouble. Bekah helps me pick blackberries, wash dishes and sweep. She is such a joy to be around. We have gone camping a few times this summer and Bekah keeps asking each day if we are going camping again.

Hannah is 9 1/2 months old and is so much fun. She started crawling on the 4th of July. She is now pulling herself up constantly and loving standing up. Hannah says "Dada" a lot now and is a joyful baby. We love being around our kids and loving them.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bekahs funny sayings

I write down some of the funny stuff that Bekah says and does. We really enjoy her so much and love the entertainment. I have grouped the funny stuff into the month in which she said it.

Sept 2008

Whenever Bekah gets hurt now she says (in a very dramatic voice) "It hurts wearwy bad."

"Daddy making toffy (coffee). It makes noise." This is when he is grinding the coffee beans.

Bekah's new game is to put a baby diaper on her dolly. She then takes it off and says, "Baby poopie." After getting a wipe out, she cleans the dolly. Then she smelled it and said, "Stinky". After putting the diaper back on, she does it all over again.

Bekah painted to the chair in front of the drum set and said, "Uncle Kevin, sit!" He did. Then she pointed to the X-box and said, "Push Button". She definitely knows what she wants.

Bekah asked her Grandmom for a cookie. Grandmom told her that she needed to ask mommy if she could have a cookie. Bekah ran into the living room, found her mommy and said, "Ack! Ack!" Mommy finally figured out that she was saying, "Ask, Ask". To this day she still says, "Ask! Ask!" when she wants something.

Bekah wanted to play ball with her daddy. Daddy wanted to sit in the lounge chair. Bekah thought otherwise. She patted the ground in front of daddy and said, "Ground. Sit. Here. Sit. Ground." Until he sat there. Way to be persistent.

Mommy woke up to Bekah's loud voice one morning in September. Bekah was standing at her doorway which was blocked by the baby gate. She wanted the kitty to come play. She kept shouting, "Kitty! Kitty! Kitty!" When Emma didn't respond to that, she started yelling, "Meow! Meow! Meow!" Somehow that didn't work either.

October 2008

Our little 2 year old decided to feed her Play-doh to Bailey when mommy was in the other room. Fortunately Bailey lived through that.

Bekah received a Four Wheeler for her birthday. It had a loose connection and so would only make noise sometimes. Bekah wanted us to fix it. She piped up with, " I need batteries." just as clear as day. I didn't even know she knew about batteries.

November 2008

We sat down to dinner and we all held hands to pray. Bekah looked at daddy and said,
"Go ahead. Go ahead." Daddy asked Bekah if she wanted to pray. Bekah shut her eyes and said, "Just pray, just pray, just pray!"

Mommy and Bekah were eating lunch and mommy left the room for a minute. Mommy could hear her saying to Bailey, "Come here, come here, Bayee, Bayee. Eat it. Come here, eat off floor."

More fun stuff coming!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cheesecake's Unlimited

Chris wants his cheesecake, yesterday!!!

Hannah was blown away by the size of the dessert. It was as big as her head.

I just wanted him to take a nice picture. Now you see what I have to do to get it.

Finally one in which we look like a nice, normal couple.

Bekah, Nana, Hannah and Papa Karl at Cheesecakes Unlimited.

Hannah and Nana

My dad plays around with Bekah.

Nana, Hannah and a silly Banana (this was my dad's idea)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hannah brightens our days!

So we are doing wonderful. I am working and loving it. It has been crazy and so busy at work but it is fun to be with the little babies again. Chris is doing well. He just started a volunteer police academy tonight. I think it will be fun for him. Bekah is having fun being a big sister and helping her mommy make cookies and dinners. Hannah is almost 12 lbs now. She is sick with a cold but still full of smiles. Here are lots of her smiling faces.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Our Special Little Girl

David C. these pictures are for you. Chris told me that you are asking for a new blog and new pictures all the time. Enjoy these pictures of my sweet little girl.