Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas With the Grandparents

We had a really good time over Christmas with my parents. They really had a good time with Bekah.

Cuteness in the making

This Christmas season has been so much fun with our little angel. She is really responding to us and keeping us smiling with her cuteness. Here are some pics from the last week.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Smiling-My New Pasttime

Bekah has started smiling sooo much. I absolutely love it. Her face just lights up in the most beautiful way as she smiles at her papa and I. Here she is one cold winter morning in her Christmas jammies just smiling away. How could anyone resist such a face as that.

This last Sunday David's mom, Bonnie, came to visit Bekah and say hi to the Kuhner's. She brought Bekah this beautiful outfit. The soft pink skirt looks so nice with the little blouse and matching sweater. I had fun showing her off at a Christmas party from work. Doesn't she look so darling?

The Nutcracker

Every year as a young girl my mom would take my sister and I to the Nutcracker. I always loved the ballet with all the pretty costumes and cute kids. It was a special and magical time as I sat there in the dark listening to the applause and watching the scenes play out on stage. I remember getting to meet some of the dancers after the performance once. It was so fun. I haven't been for years and years now. The winter Megan was talking about going to see it once again. I really wanted to as well so I invited my niece Brittany to go with me. She was excited as she had never seen it. I left the baby with Chris, took Brittany out for pizza and enjoyed a nice afternoon with her at the Nutcracker. We had fun taking pictures with the woodstock out front and then ended the day with hot cocoa at Starbucks. Lots of fun and good memories.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

First Shots and Other Stuff

I love her 49er cheerleader outfit. Isn't she precious in it?

Bekah got her first set of shots on Thursday. She had no idea what was coming and was very upset when she found out. Her eyes got real wide and then she let out quite a scream. Poor baby. She did very well until later that night. She started crying and crying. She finally calmed down after 20 minutes of crying when the Tylenol kicked in. She has been great since then and she even slept through the night with only a few little bits of fussiness. She is sleeping through the night every night now and it is awesome.