Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bekah's new Pool

We got a new pool for Bekah. This week end it was finally hot enough to try out. This is the slide that she was trying out.

Chase came down to play. They were so cute. Bekah tried holding his hand and pulling him over to the slide. Only thing is that he can barely walk with someone holding two hands. She ended up bringing him the ball and trying to play catch.

We put some warm water in the pool and let her play. At first she cried, but after seeing mommy playing in it and having fun she jumped in. Now she loves it. More pictures to come.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Sandles and a Sandbox

Bekah got some new sandles for the summer. She loves taking them off and having us put them back on. Silly mommy wasn't thinking about how easy velcro is for little fingers to undo. Maybe next time we will get buckles.

On Saturday we got a new sandbox for Bekah. She loves sand!! However she had never been in the sand in her barefeet. Chris put her in the sandbox and she started crying and trying to climb onto him. After a few minutes of holding her and watching mommy play in the sand she calmed down and really enjoyed it.

Yesterday Bekah walked into the kitchen with a smile on her face and her hands full of little white beads. The beads ended up being little mints that we had gotten at the Woman's Retreat. She gave them to me and then said " Good" as clear as day. As she said it I could see a bunch of the mints in her mouth. When I went to investigate the living room the mints were spread all over the place. She helped me pick them up and then started shoving mints in her mouth. I told her she was not to eat them. She immediately spit them into her hand and threw it away. Oh she is so cute when she is getting in trouble.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dinner time at our house

Chris took these pictures of me the other day. I am 10 weeks along and my belly is starting to grow now. Just starting to get into the maternity clothes. Oh what fun!!

Dinner time at my house can be very interesting.

Bekah laughing at her silly daddy. They make faces back and forth once dinner is almost done and then just crack up laughing. So much fun.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lots of fun pictures

So just a quick update on the pregnancy. I am 9 weeks along. Got to see the baby again this week. Really good heart beat and every thing looks good. I am due in the middle of November. I am getting really sick lately. The other day I worked the night shift and then didn't sleep really well. I was so sick. I went in to work a 12 hour shift and after 7 hours had to go to the ER since I couldn't keep anything down. It is really miserable trying to work when you are throwing up every ten min. I am just glad that all this has a great ending: A Baby!!

Bekah sure loves her daddy.

A yummy snack of biscuits.

I love her smile.

Bekah helps daddy BBQ.

She is trying to figure out how to put on glasses. She gets them on once in awhile except mostly upside-down.

One of the nurses at work gave Bekah a cute egg with 2 peeps inside. I gave her one to eat. She took a bite then spit it out. She kept trying to eat it but really wasn't sure about it.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Brittany turns 15

Brittany, my niece, turned 15 years old just a bit ago. I had tried to post pictures but they didn't work. Here is another go at it. If it messes up this time then Oh, Well.

Bekah and cousin Jessie had lots of fun playing out side at Grandmom and Grandpop's house. They looked so pretty in their sunday dresses.

Ice Cubes belong in a Cup-Not on the Grass

Today our family was spending some time out front. The sun was setting, it was warm, barely a breeze and just so nice. Bekah had lots of fun running around and climbing through the roses. After Chris finished his drink he threw the ice into the grass. Bekah went to investigate. She kept picking up the ice, sucking on it and bringing it back to daddy. At first she threw it on the step in front of daddy. Then she started putting it all in his cup again. It was so funny. I don't know where she gets her ideas but they sure do amuse us.