Monday, January 28, 2008

Such a Busy Girl

That's some wild hair!

She loves playing in Great Grandma Martha's rocking chair is so much fun.

Bekah is a little dare devil. Fortunately it is very difficult to tip it over.

A fun oatmeal drum.

Lots of kisses from daddy.

Fun magnets to play with from Auntie Jennifer.

This is Bekah doing her happy scream.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Birthday Time!

A very chilly birthday treat!

Ice cream cake!!! My favorite.

My birthday is December 29th and Chris's is the 30th. We always just celebrate our birthdays together. It's so much fun that way.

Sometimes a little girl just needs her daddy!!

Grandpop and Jessie help get things ready for the birthday party.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Professional Pictures by Sarah

So Megan, this is my try at professional photos. Babies are so much easier to photograph. . . they actually hold still. These are a few of the good ones I took.

After she got up and ran away again I just decided to photograph the bear. He actually sat still. :o)

Monday, January 14, 2008

A Visit From Julie

Julie was my very first friend in California. We met at church in the college group. When we found out that neither of us knew anyone else we became fast friends and have been ever since. We were in each others weddings and were roommates for a long time as well. I have really missed hanging out with Julie and spending time with her since she moved to Kentucky and then to Germany. Ben, Julie and the boys were in California visiting. We had a blast catching up and talking while we had lunch and watched the children play together.

Daniel loves dogs. He got to play with Bailey and had a blast. Daniel even followed our doggy out the doggy door.

Drew hides behind Bekah.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Silly Faces

Chris and I get in funny moods sometimes and just do weird stuff. Here are some really silly faces. Enjoy!!

Hanging out with daddy.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Bekah's First Hair Cut

Bekah got her first hair cut the other day. I went to a salon near our house and asked if they cut babies hair. The lady got a scared look on her face. I quickly told her we would go somewhere else. The next place I went there was a really nice lady that knew how to cut little ones hair. She was great! Bekah sat on my lap and did really well. She played with a ribbon and looked around. The hair dresser just followed her head and let Bekah do what she wanted. Here are two after the hair cut shots I got.

The lady gave me a little bag to put her hair clippings into for the baby book. I really like how it turned out.

Each day after school my niece's and my nephew come to work on homework. Today, Jessie read her very first book all by herself. Uncle Chris worked with her to sound out the words. It was very exciting.

Brittany-age 14 going on 18.

Jeremy-age 10. He wouldn't smile for the camera because he was upset about having to do his math. After promising him a big cookie I got a smile and the homework finished.

As most of you know Chris has been looking for a job for a month now. We have been praying that God would open up the right position for him and close the doors to those that aren't where God wants him. He has definitely shut some doors and we kept looking for where Chris was supposed to work. I had prayed and asked God to provide enough work for Chris so that we could just make ends meet. On Thursday Chris went in for an interview for Dave Machintosh- he owns a construction company. Chris was hired that day and he started work on Friday. This is not a permanent, long term job but it is exactly what we need. Chris is also looking into the police academy which doesn't start until July. There are a series of tests and interviews that take place over the next couple of months. Please pray that if this is where God wants Chris that he will pass the tests with flying colors and God would open that door. As always God is good, all the time. Whether Chris had a job or not God was always faithful and good to us. Praise God for being so awesome!!

Making Cookies

I was making Molasses Sugar Cookies and Bekah was helping me. This is her helping mommy lick out the molasses measuring cup.


Then Bekah helped mommy clean the beaters. She really had fun making cookies.

Bekah thinks that cookie dough is great.