Monday, January 02, 2012

Funny Sayings

I love seeing the funny things my girls do each day.  They bring me such joy and happiness.  Here are a few of the things that they have said or done that made me laugh.

Bekah likes red apples. She says the green ones are dumb unless they have peanut butter on them, then they are not dumb. I asked her if she meant sour instead of dumb. She did! Love it!

My parents had a surprise birthday for Chris.   My mom made dessert.   Hannah had a peice of cake and some Sherbert ice cream. She then looked up at us and asked us, "Is it too late to have some chocolate?"

Bekah was so sweet on my birthday.  She got her piggy bank down and gave me a quarter and four pennies. Bekah looked at me with such love and told me that I can buy anything I want for my birthday with the money she gave me. I love presents from the heart!!!!
Just found Hannah sound asleep on blankets in her closet. It was so precious to see her sleeping there in her jammies that she "had" to put on for her nap. 

Bekah and Hannah keep telling me that I am so old. They say I am old like a grandma. I asked how old they thought I was. They believe I am 17 years old. I did not correct them.

Daddy to Hannah, "Who is part of our family?"
Hannah, "Wise man, God and baby Jesus!"

Then later Hannah asked, "Why is the sun in the sky?" Daddy explained that the sun made things grow and gave us light. He asked her who put the sun in the sky. Her response, "God did!! Daddy, did you help Him?"

Hannah still has a hard time saying her s's.  I love it when she says she has a _tuffy nose.  Hannah has to use a _tep _tool to stand on.  She _pins around and around the living room and loves to see the _cool bus.  I'll be very sad when she says every thing the right way.  Her little Hannah phrases are so cute.

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