Sunday, January 01, 2012

What to do with your Christmas Cards

What do you do with all your Christmas cards you receive every year at this time?  

I love all the photo cards I received and wanted to do something with them.  For a few years I just saved the photo cards.  Wasn't sure what to do with them.  Then I came up with an idea to display them in my home.  I had my husband put screws in each side of the window and tied ribbon from one side of the window to the other.  Then I hung all the cards on the ribbon as I received them. 

I love seeing all the pictures and cards hanging in my dinning room.  Each one is a reminder of the people I love and care for.

After the Christmas season is over, I take all the photo cards and make them into a collage on the ends of my cabinets.  It is great to see all the people I care about during the year in my kitchen. 

 These are the little clothes pins I use for pinning up the cards. They are so cute!

This years photos are down and ready to mount in my kitchen.

Here are all the pictures from the last couple of years.  Not sure what I'll ever do with them but it is fun to look back at how our friends families have changed.

All the photos stored for safe keeping.

Another years photos up in our kitchen.  The new year can't start until they are up!!

So what are you going to do with your photo cards this year?


bekkielynn said...

I love that I saw our family on your strong :) I love this idea! I hung them all on my pantry this year but it was a bit crowded so I think I will do your idea next year! One fun thing that we do (and I plan on blogging about this this week) is we take them down one by one. When Ellie or Tyler picks one to take down, we read it aloud and then pray for that family. When all of them are down, we go through the pile one more time before tossing them. I can't keep them all because I am overrun with stuff. But, people mean so very much to me and I am glad to be able to pray for people individually!

Sarah Kuhner said...

What a great idea Becky. I love seeing the people I love up in my kitchen because it does remind me to pray for them or call them. What a great idea to pray for each family as you take them down.