Sunday, January 01, 2012

Glow In the Dark Slime

While I was on pinterest the other day (ok, almost everyday) Bekah and Hannah were looking at the kids ideas with me. We had fun pinning ideas on my boards. They would see something that they wanted to do and would jump up and down shouting, "Pin it! Pin it!" I'm trying to train them right.

They saw the glow in the dark slime and really wanted to try it. We had everything but the clear glue and the glow in the dark paint. We got the supplies a few days later and had fun making the slime. I don't think it was worth trying to make it glow in the dark. It didn't glow very well, and I wasn't about to let my little girls play with it in a dark room for a long time. We just kept it at the table and had fun.

The girls got to help mix the slime. We split it into two bowls and then just put it on wax paper. They had fun getting the play-doh toys out and making shapes with the cookie cutters. This was a fun activity and the slime keeps well in a jar or bag.

Here is the link to the instructions on making slime.


Julie @ Soldier's Wife, Crazy Life said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I bet my boys would like that too :)

Sarah Kuhner said...

I'm sure that they would love it!! You should definitely try it.

Jen Bauer said...

Cute idea, Sarah. I want to make regular playdough with Lily. The store stuff is so sticky and gets everywhere. Have any recipes??

Sarah Kuhner said...

Jen, yes I do. I'll publish a really good home made play-doh recipe for you soon.