Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Johnny Garlics before the Brian Regan Show

While at Johnny Garlics before the Brian Regan show I had asked Mike to take out picture. This is the first attempt. It is nice but I do like to get a picture with at least my whole face in it.

Mike did a good job taking this picture but Chris felt the need to be cute.

Mike finally took a really nice picture and Chris behaved himself as well. Anyway, we all had such a good time at the comedy show. I haven't laughed so hard or so much for quite a while.

We all enjoyed some great food at Johnny Garlics.

I love the pose Andy. Jen, you look great as always.

I really could do without Computers

The other day I was tired and ready to just relax. Then Chris informed me that Megan and Stephanie had both complained that I had not blogged in a long time and that I had better do one tonight. I sat down with my computer (one that Chris' brother Jeff had gotten from work b/c they were going to throw it out) and started to blog. I first tried to pull up a picture from the data base thingy that has pictures in it. (As you can tell I'm not completely computer savvy-ok not at all) On Chris' new computer it is fairly easy. After pushing many buttons you can look at the pictures, select the one you want and go from there. It took Chris many, many times to teach me how to do that with out having to ask him to help. Well, my computer was different than Chris' and I couldn't figure it out. Finally Chris came over to help. After doing who knows what he said that I needed to pull up the picture file, write down the number and description of each picture I wanted. Then I could go to the other screen and select the one I wanted by looking at the number. I was frustrated at this point but still wanted to blog so I said I would try it.
Then, as I started to do this complicated process the mouse on the computer froze. I tried everything that Chris told me to do but it would not budge. At this point I did not care about blogging at all. All I knew was that computers were evil and I wanted to throw mine out of the car window while driving over the Golden Gate Bridge. Chris was busy with his own computer so I shut mine down. As I was putting my computer down the Cd drive (I asked Chris what it was) fell out onto the floor. I just sighed and pushed it under the couch. Needless to say Chris let me use his computer so I did end up making a short blog. I still think I could live just fine without any computers in my life-at least any computers that I have to interact with.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Sonoma County Fair

Chris and I had a good time at the fair. We bought some fudge for my mom and looked at all the stuff in the pavilion. After eating at the Pasta King (great food by the way) we walked around the fairgrounds and then into the art exhibits. By this time we had been there about an hour by now and I was getting sooooo tired. We looked at the art for a couple minutes, then I went to sit down for a bit. We looked some more, then I sat down again. We looked for Josh's muffins but didn't find them. I found the bathroom again and we went over to the children's art stuff. I lasted a about 5.5 minutes and sat down again. Finally we looked at all the rides I can't go on right now, bought a candy apple and some cotton candy then left. The whole trip was about 2 hours. I was so exhausted I went to bed very early. I do dream about when I used to have tons of energy-then I wonder if it will ever return.

Sorry, all the pictures are of me. Chris was in a weird mood and really didn't want any pictures taken today. Ok, so he never really likes pictures but sometimes he does tolerate them.

I found a lot of good seats in the Hall of Flowers.

I am always good at finding the bathroom-anywhere.

I really liked this scene at the Hall of Flowers.

Every time I look down, this is what I see. You know it's really funny. Some people say that I am so small and are really surprised that I am 7 months pregnant. The rest say that I am growing so much and that every time they see me my belly has gotten bigger. Who knows. It must be all in the perspective.