Monday, January 09, 2012

Energy Bites

I am constantly looking for healthy gluten free food to make for my family and me.  As I was purusing through pinterest, where else would I be?, I came upon something called Energy Bites.  I had never heard of these before but they looked interesting.  I could easily make them gluten free and super healthy too.  So I pulled up the recipe and made a batch.  As I was putting it in the fridge, I stole a taste.  It was so good and delicious that I immediately made another double batch.  Since then I make a triple batch each time I make them and always have some on hand in the freezer.  They are a quick, healthy and fillilng treat for the girls.  I actually take 3 or 4 as part of my lunch at work.  These are amazing and fun to make.  The girls love to help me make them.  We work on clean technique ( such as not licking the spoon and putting it back in the bowl), measuring ingredients, counting, stirring, sweeping (if they have helped stir), and working as a team. The girls call them injury bites since they keep forgetting how to say energy.   Silly girls!!    Here is the link to make these for your family.
Bekah measures the oats and spreads them on a sheet to toast.
Here are most of the ingredients we used in this batch.

Hannah works on adding the honey to the bowl.

This is a great hands on activity to build motor skills.  Bekah works very hard on getting out the peanut butter to fill up the measuring cup.

Hannah loves getting the honey off her hands.

Team work is great thing.

Bekah had to sweep the floor since stirring is very hard work and easy to get the ingredients flying across the room.  Hannah helped with the dust pan and then danced in joy when it was done.
After chilling the dough, it is easiest to use a cookie scoop with a soft back to press the dough into it.

Once they are popped out of the cookie scoop, you can freeze or refrigerate them like this or roll them in a ball. 
This is how much my triple batch made.  Yummy!  I freeze them like this and then put them into a ziplock baggy and store them in the freezer.

For the nut butter, I was just using peanut butter.  Recently I discovered coconut butter and use half of that and half of peanut butter.  It is really good.  I use gluten free Oats so that this is gluten free.  I always add in crasions and/or raisons.  This time I used pistachio nuts as well.  I love adding sesame seeds, poppy seeds and sunflower seeds.  Any thing little and healthy is fun to add in.  Each time I make it, it tastes slightly different.  

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