Monday, June 02, 2008

Four months Pregnant

Mommy's tummy is growing as the baby grows. Is Bekah's tummy growing too?

She tries to be just like mommy.

Bekah washes all her dishes for her tea set.

This was Bekah's first popsicle. She really enjoyed it as you can see.

I'm four months along now.

This is how big I feel sometimes.

About two weeks ago my morning sickness got so much better. No more feeling icky all day!!! Now I can just enjoy my pregnancy and my family.


David Castro said...

You're so lucky to have only had the morning sickness for a while. Tammy had it the WHOLE PREGNANCY. And it wasn't morning sickness, it was all-day sickness!

I hope you're making Chris do most of the work around the house... isn't that supposed to be one of the perks of being pregnant? That, and getting pickles and ice cream at 3 in the morning? :-)

Mark and Rebekah said...

i'm so glad you're feeling better! i love how bekah has a belly to match yours--she is so cute!

Leo & Kim said...

That is awesome that you are feeling better. You look great! Happy Pregnancy!

SJ said...

Glad you are feeling better! Very cute pictures of Bekah!

Becca Sports said...

You look great! What cute pictures of you and Bekah together. :) We plan on coming out to CA in September, so I hope you'll be around so I can see you.

Megan said...

Thanks for the new pics. It's exciting to see how far along you are. Still can't believe it! I love Bekah's little braids. You look beautiful by the way.

Caroline said...

You look great and very happy! I love your blog by the way.