Sunday, June 08, 2008

Our family

Mommy's little helper-stirring the soup

Bailey likes to get attention any way she can.

So serious.

We are teaching Bekah to care for a baby. Daddy wrapped up her dolly in a blanket I had made. She took her dolly into the tent, dropped it and then kneeled on it. She picked her up and was swinging her around. Then she danced her dolly around and around. We are still working on how to hold and take care of a baby.

This wonderful play tent has a doorbell that goes ding-dong and then will play a song when pressed again. I won't be too sad when those batteries die. Bekah does really enjoy it however.

Bekah watched the Sound of Music for the first time. Chris was home sick with a fever and we all just stayed home and hung out together. Bekah loved the songs and clapped and danced to them. It was so cute.

Bekah loves to say hello to the kitty. She is not allowed to touch her since we don't want our kitty abused by an over eager toddler. A few times we have walked in to find Bekah lying right on top of the kitty with all of her extremities lifted off the floor so that her full weight was placed on the kitty. Emma doesn't like that so much.


David Castro said...

I'm going to assume she was stirring the soup BEFORE it was boiling hot. ;-)

Tammy and I used to keep batteries after they died specifically to use in annoying toys. Christopher used to like to sit in his walker and hold down the Moo button so that it would Moo, Moo, Moo, Moo, Moo until someone made him stop. Even then, he was a little pill! :-O

Megan said...

Bekah's becoming such a big girl. Can't wait to see you all!

SJ said...

I love the serious look - that one is too funny!

SJ said...

I also love her stirring the soup - tooooooo cute!

jenylu said...

We love the Sound of Music -- so glad Bekah loves it too!!

I think I would help the batteries along in some of those toys.

jenylu said...
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