Monday, June 16, 2008

Introduction to Potty Training

Bekah is now 20 months and we are starting the fun process of potty training. After letting her play around the potty and sit on it we got some potty books and a potty movie. Bekah really likes them and daddy thinks that they are silly. This last week I started letting her run around with no diaper and encouraging her to sit on the potty. This is the first time she tried to go potty. Nothing yet but we will keep trying.

Kim G. suggested giving her lots of snacks to make her thirsty and then lots of fluid. So far Cheetos are her downfall. I had never given Bekah juice but did try it to see if she would drink more fluid. That back fired since she doesn't like juice. Just milk and water for now, which is fine with me. We also give her M & M's every time she sits on the potty. She sits down, looks at me and askes for a nummy num. Yesterday we had lots of family over for Father's Day. The kids really enjoyed giving Bekah M & M's. Once, Bekah ran to her potty, sat down and grabbed Grandmom's pants as she was walking by and asked for an M & M. It was so cute.

Bekah is now starting to "get" it a little. A few times she runs over to the potty and goes all by herself. She still is having lots of accidents though. Yesterday she was in the sandbox playing with Jessie and Bekah peed. I scooped out the wet sand to throw it away in the garabage. Due to my pregnancy and lack of brain cells or something, I walked straight over to the icechest and started pouring the sand in there. I quickly realized my mistake and got most of the sand out. Whoops! Bekah also had fun taking off her diaper in her bed and painting everything with poop. That is an experience I would rather not repeat. :o)

Well, I hope she is potty trained soon and I definitely hope it is before the baby comes.


Becca Sports said...

Potty is never fun and you are so glad when it is over. We just finished getting Naomi about 85% potty trained. She can go on her own, but doesn't like to Poop on the toilet. Soon we will conquer that! :) I'll be praying for you during this experience, I know that it isn't fun.

Leo & Kim said...

Way to go Becca! You can do it! Sarah, I hope you are having fun with it as your patience is growing. :)

David Castro said...

Kelsey was so pig-headed about potty training that WE weren't the ones who actually got her trained... it was my mother-in-law who was babysitting her (at 2.5 years old!!) who finally got her trained.

Christopher got trained, and then decided he didn't want to be trained anymore. We eventually found out that he has encopresis, but know that sometimes he messed his pants on purpose.

Damien's the only one we never had problems with. Now, if only we could get the boys to start aiming better!

Megan said...

Hhahaha. You had me laughing out loud about the lack of brain cells/ice chest incident. Thanks for bein' real and sharing a great story about you.
Way to go Bekah w/potty training!

jenylu said...

Ah, what could be more fun than potty training! Actually, a whole lot. Hope things look up soon -- she sure is cute! :)