Monday, June 30, 2008

Our 8th Anniversary-Pics from our date

Chris and I had such a nice time on our date for our anniversary. We went to Flavor and got some really good food. It was really wonderful just having time to talk and relax together. These are some pictures that I got in the downtown square on our walk over to the movie theater.

I wanted a couple pictures before the movie too. Chris really doesn't like the red eye reduction feature in the dark movie theater as you can clearly see on his face. I laugh so hard every time I see this picture.

We watched "Prince Caspian". It was a really good movie.

I love that I can still have fun with my husband and do goofy stuff with him.

Just wanted to give you an update on how the pregnancy is going. I am now 20 weeks / 5 months along. No more morning sickness at all. Between the 13th and 15th week life got a lot better when I stopped getting so sick. I just now starting to gain a little weight and my belly is really starting to grow. The baby is moving all the time and is so active and strong. Last night I felt the baby kick my hand. I had my ultrasound on Thursday and got some really good pictures. The baby looks perfect and has all it's little parts it is supposed to. The little one liked to put it's hands over it's face and hide. So cute. We looked very hard to see if we were having a boy or a girl. The baby wasn't very cooperative and we didn't get a definitive answer. The tech didn't see any little boy parts so we are most likely having a girl-but we aren't counting on that. We will be excited at the delivery to find out for sure. That's all for now.


Julie said...

You guys are too cute!

And you KNOW it's a girl because of what we said way back when. I would have 2 boys and then you would have 2 girls... ;) Although I do hope to try for my own girl someday :)

SJ said...

Fun times!!!! Glad you were able to spend some time just the two of you :) I feel like I have not seen you in forever - we need to get together.

Megan said...

Fun update. Glad you had a nice time on your anniversary. We've got to talk tomorrow...I have news.

Becca Sports said...

You both are so ute together. I'm glad your pregnancy is going well and that the baby is healthy.

jenylu said...

Hey there --
Cute pictures! I am surprised though that you didn't somehow manage to sneak a picture of Bekah in there somehow! :) I love Chris's expressions in those -- he's a good guy to get his picture taken so much!
Are you three going to be at Family Camp??? I am hoping so!!