Monday, May 26, 2008


Bekah is such a daddy's girl. I love the little moments that they get to spend together. Little things like riding on her daddy's shoulders, kisses, a snuggle. The other day I came home from work around 8 am. Bekah was still in bed so I got her up and we went to see daddy. After a hello I took Bekah to change her. She just kept saying, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" with a big grin on her face. I said, "Do you love your Daddy?" She said, " I love." That was the first time she had ever said that. It was just so precious and a sweet reminder of how we should be with our heavenly Father.

I love Chris' face here. Bekah had a death grip on his cheek. Ouch!

Just a quick prayer request: Chris has had a fever for over a week now. He is on the 8th day of a constant fever and just feels so crummy. Bekah just came down with a fever today and is really not feeling well either. As I said to Chris, 1 year olds just don't sit still for over 2 minutes unless they are really sick. She is wanting to snuggle all the time. Her favorite words are, "Up ease." (Up Please.) I think I am also fighting it but not as bad as Chris. No fever yet. Please pray that we can all feel better soon. Thanks!!


Leo & Kim said...

Cute pictures. Did Bekah get her hair cut? Sorry to hear that you guys have been sick. I will pray!

SJ said...

Praying you are all well soon!