Monday, September 25, 2006

New Update On Baby

Just an update on the baby front. Last Thursday, and Friday night I was working in the NICU. We had some busy babies and I was on my feet a whole bunch. I kept contracting a lot. Every hour-one to 6 or 7 times an hour. At home while resting I continued to have contractions. So on Saturday morning after talking to the on call doctor I decided to go on maternity leave a little early. I love taking care of premature babies but I would rather not have my baby born early and need to be in the NICU.
Such a cute little face!!!!

Today I got my last ultrasound. The baby looks great. It's little heart is beating strong and around 150 bpm. On the measurements the baby is a little small. Only in the 23 percentile. They don't get really worried until the baby is lower than 10 % though. It is the size of a 33 week and 4 day old baby and it should be 35 and 2 days. The baby is about 4 lb 14 oz. With five more weeks to go our child should be just right when born. And yes, I will take it easy.This is one of the baby's hands.

It took awhile to get the foot (not that I could even tell what it was without the labels) because the babe kept holding onto it's foot with it's hand while they were both almost in it's mouth. This little one is definitely getting squished. But at least the baby is head down and is positioned well.


Megan C. said...

Thanks for sharing. Baby looks wonderful! :) Enjoy your relaxation. Get some good books and get off your feet. I can't wait to see you soon!

SJ said...

How fun - thanks for sharing!

jenylu said...

That is a cute face. :)

Enjoy your time off and get lots of sleep while you can!! :)

Windy City Survivors said...

Adorable baby Sarah! I can't wait to see pictures of the baby once he/she is born.

I agree with Jenylu, enjoy your time off and just relax. Get tons of sleep and indulge yourself in peace (you'll never experience it again until they sleep!) :) You are going to make a great mom Sarah!

Sarah said...

I am having such a nice time being off work and getting to rest whenever I want to. I am keeping busy nesting(yesterday I was washing my mailbox, the outside garabage cans and the stair railings. Hey, they were dirty!) and preparing for my little one. It is such a blessing to be able to sleep at night, or at least try to. I lay there in the morning being lazy and trying not to think about the fact that in a month all that will change for the next quite a few years.

Jamie said...

Oh this makes me so excited!! I can't wait to meet this special little one!!

Bob said...

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