Monday, September 25, 2006

Don't Know What To Write

Last night around two in the morning I woke up and started thinking about my blog. I must have spent an hour laying there trying to think of something creative to write about. I think I did think of some stuff but I have completely forgotten all that I dreamed up to write. I'll try something though I have no pictures. But as I have been told several times, "You don't need pictures to blog!!"

I have been involved in ministry almost all my life. I love how God takes the time you give Him to serve Him and turns it around to bless you. So often I feel that I get more out of ministry than I ever put in. Chris and I are working with the JR High kids and really enjoying getting to impact their lives. So many times I do leave them wondering if they heard anything that I said or if they Know how much I care about them. Then there are the times when I see a glance at what God has done through me. The other day one of the mom's of a JR High girl told me how much her daughter looked up to me. She said that often in the course of conversation her daughter will through in, "Well, Sarah said this the other day or Sarah thinks this about that topic." I was so encouraged to see that I was having an impact in a childs life. God is so good about encouraging us when we need it.

When we serve God and just make ourselves available to be used of Him, He will use us and will do awesome things. I am reminded that God will do what He wants whether we help Him or not-but I think it is much better to be willing and used of God than to loose out on His blessings b/c we weren't available. I see so many people in our group reaching out and serving in the church and ministering to those around them and am encouraged. Just remember that God will use you in ways that you may never even know.


Julie said...

Well said Sarah :) have been working in the jr. high group for a while now.

Windy City Survivors said...

Sarah-how true that is! You never know the impact you are making on people around you. I remember thinking that when I was in public accounting, that I wasn't making a difference. Every once in awhile someone would say something and it struck me that God is using us even if we don't "see" it. :) Keep up the hard work with the JH!

Sarah said...

God gave me the greatest blessing of my life by working with the JR kids. He used that ministry to bring me to my husband. If I had never been willing to be used of Him I may have never become friends and fallen deeplly in love with my dear sweet husband. I love how God works and blesses.

Megan C. said...

How true Sarah. God has given each of us spiritual gifts. We need to make sure we use them even in the business of our lives. Thanks for the encouraging words.

SJ said...

That is awesome - yes God can use us in ways we can't even imagine! I think we too often get caught up in the "now" and want instant results -

Thanks for the post and yes, you can blog without pictures - good job!