Monday, September 04, 2006


Camping at Spring Lake was really fun. We got the group campground and it was perfect. Peter drove his truck down to the firepit with a bunch of firewood. The next day Mike decided to drive down in his car. He got a little stuck on the cement and needed a whole bunch of help getting back. We carried the stuff down.

Chris and John did a great job starting up the grill and cooking us dinner. We hustled all the kids away when we saw the lighter fluid come out (guess it was a good thing). Chris' eyebrows are growing back really well. Hehehe.

On Saturday evening after a great potluck dinner, we sat around the campfire and sang, talked about what God was doing in our lives, prayed together and were challenged by a short devotional from Josh. It was so encouraging to hear what everyone had to share. I thank God all the time for such a close group of friends that really love God and are able to encourage me. One by one each couple left for the night or went to bed. Matt and Robin, Matt and Emberli, and Dan had a great time of fellowship until 4 in the morning.

Chris and Sarah

Kim and Leo with Katrina, Lena and Ashton Bogue(she and Katrina were inseperable)

Matt and Emberli. There kids had more important things to do besides taking pictures, but they were there and had a blast.

John and Diana

John and Monique

Matt and Robin with Josiah. The rest of the boys are around somewhere.

Dan, Michelle and month old Maximus.

Peter and Patricia: Able to relax for the evening while the kids are babysat.

Jeremy and Stephanie. Jeremy had hurt his back 5 days before and was in quite a bit of pain when they came out. He was a good sport and hung in there during singing and the talking.

Josh and Christine


Megan C. said...

Yeah! An update. Thanks for sharing. I would still love a picture of the belly though. :) Want to see how big my niece or nephew is.

Ando said...

Were Matt and Robin that a gremlin was stalking them? Thanks for the pics.

SJ said...

Yea!!!!!!!! A new post! I am so excited!!!! Great pics - thanks for sharing them!!!!!!!! I was just so excited to see a new post - I am overwhelmed!

Julie said...

That looks like so much fun!!! I haven't been camping since I was pregnant before and I miss it :(

kludge said...


In regards to the top picture... I had every intention of helping but by the time the "we're just going to lift it" decree was out there was nowhere left to grab on the front side of the wheel.

So I stood by looking stupid and saying "good job guys."

Sarah said...

Now, now Stephanie, I'm not that bad at keeping up with my blog am I? Besides I was very busy and I needed pictures to blog.
Peter, I am sure that you were going to help. Maybe next time you can get there when there is still a need. :0)

SJ said...

Ok Sarah - you don't have to have pictures to blog - :):)