Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The last crazy week of my life

Hello again everyone. Sorry that this post is a bit delayed in coming. Let's just say I've been distracted and busy. No pictures yet though I have a bunch to post. They are all on my camera that is in my bag that is packed and ready to go to the hospital. I just don't think that I could deliver the baby if we didn't have the camera ready to capture the first look of our child. I would probably stall my labor and send Chris to get it if we forgot it. Ok, maybe not, but it is an essential part of bringing a new life into the world.

So, a quick update on life here at the Kuhners. September 28th I picked up Megan at the airport and spent a nice afternoon with her before the girls from out fellowship group came over for a fun evening of manicures and pedicures(and of course lots of food). We had a great time of fellowship and girl talk. Chris had gone to the men's retreat and so we had the house to ourselves.

Then I got the call that Chris's dad had collapsed and was rushed to the ER up in Tahoe. He and Chris' brother Jeff had just arrived at the retreat and gotten to the cabin. Later we found out that Chris's dad had collapsed due to his heart. The altidude, exhertion, a week heart and very low Potassium caused his heart to not work properly. God is so good and allowed Dr. Soto to be right there to help and dad's pacemaker/defibrillator went off 8 times and shocked his heart into a better rhythm. I am so glad that God has more work for him down here and that we can be with him. After stabilizing him and shocking his heart once again to get it to a more normal pace he was flown to Reno. Sat. mom and Aunt Karen and Christie all drove up to be with him.

The kids got to come and stay with us and my parents came in that day for the baby shower. Boy did we have a full house. The baby shower was awesome and a ton of fun. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed seeing all my friends and family. God truely blessed me with awesome people in my life. The next day Megan and my mom helped me put together the baby's room. It looks great and is already for the little one to come. Mom and dad left Sunday. Megan left Monday and the kids went home Tuesday after Chris's dad came home from the hospital.

We thought that things would calm down and get back to normal but God had a different plan. Wed. dad had a TIA (precurser to a stroke) and so we spent the afternoon at the ER. He is ok and it was probably caused by all the stuff that happened that weekend. All that day I had been having lots of contractions and at the ER they started coming 5 min. apart. As soon as Chris' parents got home we left for the hospital for me.

Chris had called and left a message for Jeremy and Stephanie. All they knew was that Chris' dad was in the ER. All Chris left on their phone was, " We are at the hospital and it looks like this is it." After a bit of panic they got ahold of us and learned it was me and not dad, a birth(or so we thought) and not the end. They brought dinner for Chris and we hung out together for awhile laughing and joking around. My contractions were 2-3 min. apart and hard. We really thought our bundle of joy was coming. Well the baby decided not to come that night.

I am still waiting for hard labor to start but am having some serious contractions all the time. I have to admit that the 3-7 min. contractions a couple times an hour for the last week are getting old. Hopefully they are helping things along and my labor will be short. I will let everyone know when this baby actually decides to come into this world. Well, that's the update for now. I have a ton of scrapbooking to do before the baby comes and am determined to get a lot of it done. I will post some new pictures soon.


kludge said...

WOW Sarah. What a week, I had no idea you were this close to delivery! Not that I have to tell you, but long walks close to home, or easy access to a car. Like twenty times around the block, or have chis follow you in the van! :)

As far as labor, just tell Chris not to think about it. They're good with unsteady husbands.

SJ said...

I am anxiously awaiting!!!!!!! Glad we could be there for you all! Call anytime - - and hey - lets go bowling!!!!!!!!!

Julie said...

I am so excited you are so close to meeting your baby :)

Sarah said...

Poor Chris is getting tired of all the walking I keep making him do. I know that he will be glad when the baby finally comes. It just keeps toying with me and making me think it's coming, then the contractions back off. I'm just trying to be patient.

Megan C. said...

Love you Sis! I'm praying for you. Pretty soon you're going to be holding a beautiful baby! I can't wait.

jenylu said...

Just remember Sarah, you're not allowed to have the baby Saturday! Try to pass that on to your little one, OK? :)

I'll be praying for you!!

Dan & Rita Rowlands said...

Hang in there Sarah and Chris. It sounds like your week has been trying and a challenge for everyone. "When it rains it pours"
Hope for a smooth delivery and we will pray for Chris's Dad. GOD BLESS

Megan C. said...

So, Sarah, are you beginning to feel like your child might just grow up inside of you? I feel like you've been pregnant FOREVER and I'm not even the one carrying the baby!! Remember my request that you wait until Monday. (You sure have a lot of demanding family between Jenn, Chris and I...and probably others).

Sarah said...

I just got a new request that I wait until Tuesday night because Mr. Humphreys needs Chris for something on Tues. morning. Man, if this keeps happening I'll never get to have this baby.