Monday, May 14, 2012

My Girls Keep Me Laughing

My girls are always getting into something or saying something to make us laugh.  They are the joy of my life and they are my treasures.  They are both so different but in awesome ways.  I enjoy seeing them grow and learn and become who they are.  I am so blessed to have these girls call me mommy and give me their love.  

Here are so outtakes from my life.

After visiting baby Evan, Bekah asked if we could have a baby at our house. I responded that daddy isn't ready to have a new baby at our home. She thought for a minute and then said, "Well, we don't have to tell him about it."

Our conversation on the way home from church went something like this: Bekah said she kept coughing today. Hannah asked, "Are you allergic to kittys?" Bekah replied, "No, I'm not allergic to anything." Hannah thinks for a minute then said, "What about zebras?"

Actual conversation while watching Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang: Auntie Megan said, "What do you do if a stranger offers you candy?" Bekah said, "Don't take it." Hannah smiled and said, "I did!!" Hmmm. Guess we have some more training to do.

I heard Hannah singing to herself in the bathroom. "Come on poop. Come on, just one come out. Come on poop. . . . I love you, Mom!" Oh my! She does keep me entertained.

The girls have lately been coming up with new names for everyone when we are driving in the car. Bekah is now Thomas. Hannah is Candy Land. Chris is James and sometimes Habinidab Slabobovich. I am Chutes and Ladders that I then changed to Bubble Gum. We have a weird family. And I love it!

Hannah saw the Hollindase on my asparagus and asked me if it was throw up.

At 10pm I discovered Hannah playing with a jar of vaseline in her room. She had gotten into all sorts of things in mommy's bathroom. Her excuse, "You didn't lock your door. You are supposed to lock your door."

Hannah and Bekah were telling me about their day and they created more questions than answers. They told me that they went to three different stores looking for something in a little container. Bekah thought it might be gasoline. That or a small container to use in baking. Hannah thought it might be a bottle of water. I was so confused.  Turns out it was a aluminum bottle of coke that he thought looked cool.

When my Aunt Rita and Uncle Dan were here the other night Bekah was cuddling with Aunt Rita. Uncle Dan asked Hannah if he could have a hug. After staring at him for a minute she replied, "I give my mom and dad hugs." He again asked for a hug from her. Hannah looked at him, paused and then said, "I sometimes hug other people." She picked up a leave and gave it to him. After she found a handfull of leaves for him she finally sat on his lap and cuddled. It was so cute!

Chris was putting Bekah to bed the other night when Bekah said, "Daddy, you know there are some parents that let their kids sleep with the door open." Chris replied, "Yes, some parents are like that but not me." Bekah said, "I wish you were one of those parents."

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Stephanie said...

I think the asparagus and sauce is my fav! She is so funny!