Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Sick Little Girl

Our little peanut came down with a cough six days ago.  Then started a fever yesterday as well.  She is really not feeling well.  I called yesterday and got a perscription for cough syrup with codine.  That didn't help at all.  So today after 30 minutes of coughing when she couldn't even talk, I called to take her to the doctor.  

Our darling Hannah is not so fond of the doctor or the nurse normally when she is well.  It doesn't get better when she is sick.  She decided that she didn't want to get weighed or see how tall she was.  When the nurse tried to put the pulse ox (to check her oxygen levels) on her finger, Hannah put her foot down and started screaming and fighting.  It took both of us to get that thing on her finger.  Then came the temperature check.  Yup, screamed through the whole thing. 

I had a talk with her after the nurse left.  She promised to be good for the doctor.  Then she asked where the lady went (the nurse) since she liked her.  Go figure!

When Dr. Davis walked in, Hannah ran to him and gave him a big hug.  She stood in front of him and answered every question he had with a smile.  Hannah then climbed up on the table by herself, pulled up her shirt and let him listen to her chest.  She opened her mouth when asked.  The last time a doctor asked her to do that, we had to pry her mouth open.  Then she skipped out of the office to get her sticker.  

We came home to take naps, but Hannah didn't and Bekah did.  She ate three bites of dinner then went to the couch. After 15 minutes, Bekah came in to tell me that Hannah fell asleep on the couch.  We let her sleep there for an hour and then she woke up crying.  I carried her upstairs, gave her some medicine and a cool cloth on her forhead and read Raggety Ann to her.  She was falling asleep quickly, so I carried her to her bed and tucked her in.  My sick little baby was asleep after I had read half a page to her.  Good-night sweet baby!

I was thinking today about how much I wanted to be a mommy.  Growing up I took care of so many kids.  I loved them and enjoyed playing with them and being part of their life.  But no matter how close I was to them, how much they loved me, I was not the one that they called for when they were sick or hurt.  They always called for their mommy.  I wasn't the one that they wanted at that time.  

Now I am a mommy and it makes my heart so glad that my children call "Mommy" when they are sick or hurting and I am the one saying, "I'm here."  I am the one that hears every cough, every cry during the night.  I am the one that holds their feverish little body and brush the hair out of their faces.  I am a mommy and I love it.  

Now, off to take care of my children.


LaurieR said...

I remember when you were my little angel in arms when you were sick. How fast things change, but never will those memories change of when you laid in my arms and wanted me as your "mommy". I miss those days, but love sharing the love of my grandchildren. Thanks for being such a good mother to my "second set of children in my life." love, your mom

Stephanie said...

Praying she is feeling better! Being a mommy is hard work but absolutely the best! Your girls have a wonderful mommy!!!!

Stephanie said...

Oh and just incase you were wondering, I am bummed my blog didn't make the list on the side bar - LOL - just teasing you!

Sarah Kuhner said...

Stephanie, I keep forgetting to update it. But don't worry, you are so on my RSS reader.