Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Girls are Growing Up

The girls are growing up so fast. Bekah is 3 1/2 years old and Hannah is 1 1/2 years old. They are constantly changing and are so fun to be around. Here are some of the fun things that have been said at our house.

March 2010

Bekah and Auntie Shonna were talking about the next day. Shonna said, "Bekah, we are going to have fun tomorrow. Auntie Shonna is going to babysit you." Bekah got this surprised and overjoyed look on her face and shouted, "Auntie Shonna, you rmembered your name!!!"

As Bekah followed her Aunt Shonna into the kitchen she asked her why her bottom moved when she walked. We all got a good laugh!

Bekah loves the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. She gets everyone to tell her the story as often as she can. Bekah loves telling you the whole story back as well. She enjoys doing the voices of the bears.

Hannah makes us laugh all the time. every time we ask her a question she shakes her hear deliberately up and down or side to side and says, "Yeah!" or "No!" She is getting more and more opinionated.

Whenever Hannah is hungry she opens her mouth wide and points inside. If we ask her is she is hungry, she nods four to five times and says "Yeah!" Then she will run to her high chair and say up!

Everyday Mommy rocks Hannah before laying her down to sleep. Mommy puts her music on, turns off the light and snuggles with her for awhile. She loves to put her hand on mommy's shoulder. Sometimes she puts her hand on mommy's back while her back is being rubbed. Oh, how precious this time is.

Hannah has just started to point to all the bears in her room (it is full of Pooh bears). She trys to say Pooh bear and Piglet. Every day she points to her lamp which has Christopher Robin reading a book to Pooh bear and says, "Robin, book, bear" . She has to push the button on her clock before snuggling with mommy.

Bekah just learned how to glue things onto paper. Her 1st encounter with gluing was dipping macaroni in glue and sticking it on papter. The next time we tried gluing cereal onto paper. That stopped quickly due to Bekah constantly eating the ceareal adn feeding it to Bailey. Then we tried a gluestick and glueing cut papter onto paper. Bekah enjoyed that for a few minutes. Then mommy discovered her using the gluestick as chapstick. Yuck!

Tonight Bekah wanted a cup of cold water. We encourage independence so mommy sent her to the kitchen with the empty cup. Bekah returned after a few minutes with her drink. When Bekah went to bed mommy was surprised that all of Bekah's water was gone. That's when she found out that Bekah had poured Mommy's chocolate milk into her own cup and drank it all up. Bekah said she did it since she couldn't push the button for the water.

Hannah said Bekah's name for the first time today. She kept whispering Be-Kah when walking over to give her a cup.

Hannah also loves to stand at the backdoor and look outside. She shouts, "Outside!" over and over. Anytime she can sneak out (with Bekah's help) she does.

Hannah has discovered that she loves Apple Jacks. however, she picks out all the green ones and refuses to eat the pink ones.

Bekah thinks that Daddy's computer bag is his own personal diaper bag.


Julie the Army Wife said...

Your girls are so sweet :)

"Bekah thinks that Daddy's computer bag is his own personal diaper bag."

That is super cute!

Megan said...

Yeah for a new post!! I enjoyed hearing all the sweet stories about the girls. I REALLY need to start doing that with Taeya but haven't yet. Thanks for sharing the pictures as well. The girls are so beautiful. I miss them!!!