Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Good Memories and Fun Times

Here are some more funny quotes from my girls, Ok mostly just Bekah.

October 2009

Bekah ran into Grandmom's office and immediately grabbed the crackers and peanut butter. Then she turned to Grandmom and demanded a cracker. Mommy stopped Bekah and asked her what she needed to say to her Grandmom. Bekah responded, "Can I have two crackers."

November 2009

Daddy told Bekah, "We must eat our eggs with haste." Bekah then responded, "No, we must eat our eggs with cheese."

Bekah listened to Brittany's heart with a stethoscope and didn't hear anything. She was very concerned that Brittany had no heart. During lunch time she prayed that God would help Brittany since she didn't have a heart.

December 2009

One evening when mommy was making dinner, Bekah asked for vanilla milk. Mommy started heating up the milk and Bekah got the vanilla extract down. A minute or two later mommy heard Bekah call, "Mommy! (cough) Help Me!!" Mommy ran into the living room to find Bekah with the vanilla bottle in her hand, vanilla running down her chin and all over the floor. She was coughing and almost throwing up. After a drink of water we discussed how if one has to hide from mommy to do something, it probably was not a good idea to do. She kept saying over and over, "I hope I learned my lesson!"

Bekah loves to say, "That's not bad. That's good." and "Is that a good idea, mom?"

We have been having lots of trouble getting Bekah to pick up her toys quickly. Tonight Bekah and Hannah made a huge mess. Mommy asked Bekah to pick up her toys. Bekah said, "No! I don't want to pick them up." Mommy responded, "You need to pick them up in 10 minutes or mommy will take away the toys." She looked straight at mommy and said, "You can just pick them up now and take them away." She even offered to pick them up and put them in the garbage bag to put out in the garage. Then she pointed out one that mommy missed.

January 2010

When Bekah's tummy hurts, mommy often gives her a hot water bottle to help it feel better. The other day she kept asking for a warm american for her tummy. After several questions mommy figured out that she wanted a hot water bottle.

Bekah's prayer: Dear Jesus, Thank-you for alligator (gatorade) and Daddy's Pepsi and Mommy's hot chocolate and Hannah's milk and lasagna and green beans and bread and butter. Amen.

Bekah had been dry during her nap time several days in a row. Mommy said that she was such a big girl. Bekah responded, "I am such a big girl. I'm almost a grown-up. I'm almost a mommy!"

Our first born loves her eggs with joke (yolk).

We went to Disneyland (though Bekah always calls it Bisneyland) with our family. Hannah was just along for the ride. Bekah loved going on all the rides. Her favorite rides were the tea cups, the carousel and the Pirates of the Carribean.

The second day in Disneyland our keys to the car got lost on a ride. We had the kids stop many times in the next day to to pray that God would help us find the keys. Bekah was convinced that we could not get home EVER if we didn't find the keys. She prayed very hard that God would help us. And He did!!! Shortly before leaving the park on the last night we found them at City Hall. What a great showing of God's provision. He care for even the little things.

Bekah woke up from her nap and walked down stairs. Her Grandpop and his doggy Cassie was there. Daddy said, "Bekah, do you see who is here?" She looked up and shouted, "Cassie!" Then ran and gave her a hug-completely ignoring Grandpop.

Daddy and Bekah were having lunch. Bekah asked Daddy repeatedly what the picture was on her shirt. Daddy kept saying, "I don't know." Then Bekah asked, "Do you not have a clue?"

That is all I have for now, though I am sure I will have lots more to share in the future.

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Rebekah said...

So cute! I think I'm going to borrow your line that if you have to hide to do it, you probably shouldn't be doing it to begin with.