Thursday, January 07, 2010

Funny Memories

I love reading back through all the funny things that Bekah does and says. She just makes me laugh so much. Here are some more stories to share with you.

April 2009

Every time that Bekah chokes and gets water down the wrong pipe she says, "Burp me!!"

Bekah spent a weekend with her Grandmom and Grandpop. As they were driving to church Bekah said, " Sometimes I get so tired of Grandpop's driving."

May 2009

We were on our way to visit Grandma Martha. Mommy said we were going to get ice cream to share. She asked Bekah, "Do you want Carmel or chocolate on your ice cream?" Bekah said, "Carmel. I think I can handle that."

When we walked into the nursing home there were a bunch of grandma's sitting in wheel chairs. Bekah ran up to one of them and handed her the pictures for her grandma. Then she gave the lady a big hug and tried to climb into her lap. The sweet lady was so thrilled.

While our family was at the Writebol's house, Bekah and Allie went off to play. They found a way into Stephanie and Jeremy's room. There they found two tubes of tooth paste. When we discovered them, the door was locked and they were both covered with tooth paste. They painted the carpet and mirror as well. The room smelled fresh and minty. We couldn't stop laughing as we cleaned them up.

June 2009

Today during lunch Bekah and mommy had a great talk. Bekah said she was going to be a big daddy when she was big. Not a mommy. A Daddy! She then said she wasn't going to be a mommy, just a big girl. Then she told me when she was big she was going to drive; every where including the post office.

Bekah asked Mommy what was on her shirt. Mommy said, "It is a Nike symbol that is a swoosh. Bekah laughed and giggled and said that was a silly word. "See-woosh!" She kept asking mommy to say it again and again. Then Bekah started praising God and said, "God made mommy and daddy and Hannah and me. God made sham-poooo, towels, sink and the bath tub." She just loves to stop and thank God for all that He has given us.

Bekah is finally getting back in the mode of saying she loves us. She will hold our face in her hands. Then she gets right up in our face and passionately says, "I just love you so much!" It is the sweetest thing.

Her words of the month that we find so funny are: Hop-is-school=Hospital, Pop-is-school=Popsicle, Charlie browns=Hash browns, part-part=Pop tart and French fries in her hair= French braid.

Who are you going to grow up to be like? Bekah's answer, "Bekah".

After Baily stole and ate Bekah's last two bites of chicken nuggets, daddy said that Baily was a bad doggy. Bekah piped up, "But I still love her."

On our camping trip to Mt Cobb with the Boyds and the Laffans, God protected us in a big way. Robin, Michelle, Dan and Sarah, along with eight small children went on a long walk. On the last stretch of the walk Sammy said that he saw a snake. Sarah was walking ahead of the others with five little kids and looked over to see the snake. It was a two foot long rattle snake lying only a foot or two away from where the kids were standing. We all froze and then instructed the children to quietly walk past it. Once past the snake, it slithered off the trail and into the woods. I praise God for protecting each one of us.

One morning on that camping trip we were sitting around the fire pit. Max saw Hannah and asked what her name was. Then he said, "She's a cute baby. Just like a fat, little pig." We all got a good laugh.

Bekah loves to say, "You are my precious little girl!" to her mommy.

August 2009

Bekah told Mommy and Daddy that she wrote a note for them. The note said to get bacon at the store since she really wanted bacon. At least that's what she told us.

Bekah's favorite saying that she says at least once a day is, "Jesus died on the cross and Noah's ark was full of animals."

We told Bekah that we were going to help the Boyds get ready to move. She started jumping up and down and shouted, "I love boys!"

We told her Josiah would be there too since they are good friends. She remembered that two months ago he held her hand. What are we in for?

Hannah is 10 1/2 months now. She just got her third tooth and is about to get her fourth. Boy is she cranky! She can say mama, dada and shriek loudly. She has just discovered how to pop her tongue off the roof of her mouth.

Bekah loves to ask everyone, "Are you a fan of Pepsi?"

September 2009

Bekah to Daddy, "You're the best hot chocolate in the world!"

After Learning Lambs Childcare during Bible study, Bekah was asked to recite her verse. She said proudly, "Don't touch any body." Mommy is glad that she knows the rug rules. Now we have to work on her actual verse.

At 11 months old Hannah is cruising and climbing and crawling every where. She likes to scoot across the floor with her hands and one knee down while she pushes herself forward with her other foot. Hannah likes to say "Bye" and she flicks her wrists in a darling way to wave. It is so cute!

Bekah to Daddy, "Where do fingers live?"

The Story of the Good Samarian. Told by Bekah. Bad people beat up God with a key and they took His money. Jesus came and put her in bed to help him heal.

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