Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Funny Little Girls

March 2010: Continued

All the family was over for Easter dinner. We had a plate of chocolate eggs on the table for those playing the card game, Tick. Hannah came over and sat on mommy's lap. Then she saw the chocolate. Before we realized what she was doing she threw herself across the table and grabbed a chocolate egg. What a big smile she had on her face.

During Easter week we talked every day about what happened on that first Easter. We opened all the Easter eggs that contained symbols of the events of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection. Every time we talked about how the soliders beat and mocked Jesus, Bekah would throw her hands up to her mouth. Then she would cry out, "But I LOVE Jesus!" She just couldn't understand why anyone would treat him so horribly. If only our hearts were all as affected as hers.

April 2010

The girls have been getting very jealous when one gets more attention than the other. Hannah (18 months) was sitting on Daddy's lap. Bekah (3 1/2 years) came up to snuggle with dady too. Hannah pushed Bekah away and said, "No! My daddy! Mine!"

When mommy and the girls were walking by the creek, mommy stopped to take pictures. Hannah stood in teh grass and flowers and had the best time playing with the grass. Mommy gave her a flower and her whole face lit up with joy. She waved it around and smiled and then started giggling. A little while later she was looking at some beautiful poppies. She pulled off all the petals and tried eating them. She was so cute!

Today Bekah had a peanut butter sandwich and mac and cheese for lunch. She opened her bread, put a bunch of macaroni in it and took a bite. Then she picked off all the macaroni covered with peanut butter and ate it. Yum!

Bekah made the comment, "I just totally spilled!" to Daddy the other day.

Bekah and mommy had been studying about Isaac and Rebekah in the Bible. Mommy asked Bekah during dinner who Isaac's children were. Bekah answered, "Jane and Michael". I guess we watched Mary Poppins too much.

Hannah has started calling yogurt, "Yuck!"

Bekah's first dentist appointment was on April 3rd, 2010. We went to see Dr. Oliver in Sebastopol. There was a blue tooth fairy out front of the darling little cottage where the office was. Bekah wouldn't smile for her picture at first. Then she got to look inside a kangaroo's mouth with a mirror. When the dentist came to look inside her mouth her hands were tight around mommy's neck. Soon she relaxed and got her teeth checked-no cavities! Bekah let the dental assistant use her tickle wand to shine up her princess teeth. Then Bekah got to pick a prize and smiled for her picture. We went to play in this cute little playhouse in the back. It was surrounded by tons of flowers. What a great experience!

Hannah was 19 months old in April. She loves to smile and laugh. She is often also whinny and clingy. Hannah has just started to really want mommy all the time. She loves to be held and cuddled and is so content if you will just be with her. She has been getting quite a loud voice lately. She can often be her shouting, "Mam! Mam! (mom)! God lay down Bailey! Daddy! Bek! or Ourside!" Hannah's favorite thing to do is to go inside, slose the screen door then holler till someone opens it so she can go out.

This is one of Bekah's prayers: "Dear God, (very dramatic) Please help me obey my mommy and my daddy. I didn't obey because I disobeyed. I chose to disobey but HELP me to obey, because I really want to obey." Bekah is trying so hard to obey and is so repentant when she recognizes her disobedience.

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