Sunday, July 13, 2008

My New Deck

This is one of those projects that I needed done before the baby arrived. The sandbox was wonderful when we moved in. The kids loved to play in it and spent hours building in it. However, when our cat and dog came to live with us the sandbox became a problem. Little by little the sand was walking right into our house. Soon the cat began using it as a litter box and tracking sand all over our couches and tables. The dog liked to dig in the sand and track all of that sand into our house. I sweep up 1/4cup to 1/2 cup of sand every other day. It is horrible. We tried covering it with a heavy tarp but they dug right through it. I needed to have something done with the sandbox, and soon.

Chris and I started coming up with ideas and decided to make a deck over the sandbox and seal it in- away from the animals. Saturday we started the project. I helped a little bit but Chris did most of the work. Here he is working on getting the pier blocks set.

Bekah would cry and panic everytime Chris turned the saw on. She really didn't like the loud noise.

Bekah tried helping mommy clean up the scraps from the sandbox. She was very frustrated that she couldn't push it at all. Our little one loves to help and watches all we do.

Chris' brother Kevin and his parents came over for dinner on Sunday and helped us finish up the deck. Actually, I did nothing today, just watched Chris and the other guys.

The deck was finished in two days. I was very impressed and soooo happy. The deck looks awesome and the animals can't track sand into my house anymore. My hubby definitely earned some brownie points today.

This is me being very pleased with my new deck and my wonderful husband. Thank-you for humoring and loving me, Chris. I love you.

Megan, this is for you. I am now 5 1/2 months pregnant and my belly is growing just right. Don't worry, our baby will have some belly pictures. :o)


SJ said...

Very nice deck! What a great idea! Looks super!

Megan said...

The deck looks very nice. Turned out great. Your belly looks wonderful too. I'm so excited to see you in just one week! Wahoo! I hope you enjoy your time here.

Anonymous said...

The deck looks great! You look so cute :)

Becca Sports said...

I love your deck. Good job looks nice and you earned brownie points with Sarah...Nice!

You look great Sarah. You look so good pregnant. :)

Sarah said...

You all don't want to know how many pictures I had to take to get one that was ok to post. I kept saying, "Do I really look like that?" and Chris kept saying," You are pregnant. You're supposed to look like that."

Leo & Kim said...

What a great idea for your deck. I'm sure you will enjoy many summer night dinners out there. You do look great pregnant.

jenylu said...

Bekah is sooooo cute! (Bet you've never heard that one before lol) I liked her wheelbarrow picture. :)

I think you look amazingly cute pregnant but it cracked me up that you had to take so many pictures to get one you approved of! :)

Oh, and nice job on the deck Chris!