Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hartstone: Family Camp

This is the first of two rounds of pictures from Hartstone. We spent the Fourth of July weekend in potter valley at our churches camp. The days were beautiful and so relaxing. This is the hightlight week of our whole summer. I look forward to it for a year. Enjoy the fun pictures.

Bekah loves her daddy. You can see it in her eyes.

Happy Fourth of July: The blue and red cupcakes colored your whole mouth but they did make a really cool looking flag.

We had stuff for dinner that Bekah doesn't really eat. Plus she saw her cupcake sitting there. Finally we gave in and just let her have her cupcake. I'm sure it won't kill her. We just won't make a habit of that.

We enjoyed spending time by the fire in the early mornings. Bekah snuggles with mommy.

Pastor Stan tried everything to make friends with Bekah. She wouldn't smile at him or talk to him at all. Morgan sat next to Pastor Stan then got up. Bekah went over and climbed up right next to him. Still no smile but she did sit next to him. The next day she smiled and talked to him a bunch. Must be just slow to warm up or something.

Worship time at Victory Circle.

Our first Catan game up at Hartstone.
Kim and Leo

Jeremy and Stephanie

Chris and Sarah

Walking to breakfast. On the 3rd day of camp Bekah woke up and started calling out, "Mommy, mommy. I hungy!" We got ready for the day and walked down to the dining hall. After getting her some milk she was still hungry. She walked into the dining room and pulled the booster seat off the shelf. She carried it over to the bench, set it down and climbed up. She sat there for awhile waiting for food that wouldn't come for 1 more hour. Poor kiddo. Oh, by the way, the reason she was so hungry was because she only ate a cupcake for dinner the night before.

In the dining hall with her bag of toys.

Bekah and Matt sat down and played chess. They each took turns playing.

Bekah and daddy get to play in the river. It was a little cold but they enjoyed it.

Just like daddy. So cool!

Ready for lunch. We all meet outside the dining hall to sing a Hartstone tradition song and pray. Bekah loved it when we all sang.


Megan said...

Oh, I loved the post. I've never been to Hartstone. Phil and I should start doing a church camp. It would be fun to fellowship. Glad you had such a great time.

SJ said...

It was a GREAT week/weekend! I loved it!!!! Great pictures! Can't wait to see more! I have some good ones I need to share with you too :)

Leo & Kim said...

Great pictures, Sarah. You have some really good ones.

jenylu said...

I knew I could count on you for a good Hartstone post. :) Bekah & Stan -- such a funny picture. I can't believe what a big girl she's getting to be -- I can just picture her sitting at the table an hour before breakfast! :)

Becca Sports said...

Great pictures. I wish we had a family camp at our church! What a fun time to fellowship with others. I loved the story of her getting the booster seat and waiting for breakfast. What a cutie!