Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Howarth Park

We had a fun day a Howarth park. Elyse came with her son Chase. Jeremy and Jessie also had a fun day at the park with us. After a fun picnic we let all the kids play on the playground. It was a beautiful day.

Mommy gets a quick hug.

Jeremy did a good job of helping Bekah stay out of the lake.

The lake was beautiful.

Jeremy loved climbing the wall. He made it to the top several times.

After the park we all went to Yogurt Farm to get some frozen yogurt.

Bekah enjoyed her icecream. Unfortunately, she couldn't hold her cup so it wouldn't spill. I tried to help her by holding the icecream for her. Bekah got mad and threw it on the ground. I picked it up and went to scrap off the dirty icecream. I turned around and saw Bekah using her spoon to scrap the icecream off the floor and eat it. Yuck! She was mad I made her stop and then wouldn't let her hold her cup. That was it for the icecream.


Megan said...

Howarth Park...I wanna go! Looks like a fun time. It's funny what makes 1 1/2 yr olds mad. Love the scraping icecream off the ground. Kids need a little dirt right?

Julie said...

Looks like fun. I was just missing those places this last week.

SJ said...

Those pictures of you and Bekah are so cute! I love the park - we should go sometime - those are the fun things we need to get together and do :) Or the outlet :)