Sunday, December 09, 2012

Michelle's Pamper Party

We are so excited to celebrate the life of Ruby Louise, Michelle's baby that she will be bringing into the world in just a few days.  A few of Michelle's friends gathered together to pamper her and help her get ready to welcome her baby into their family.

Love that baby bump!!

We had tons of yummy (and almost all GF) food.  It was amazing! The spread of food was so good it brought tears to my dear friends eyes.   I actually finished off all the rest of the Caramel Toffe Apple Dip on the way home.

Kelly and Michelle

Alexandra found some darling Ruby shoes for Baby Ruby.  Kelly put together this cute diaper cake for Michelle.  

Amazing food!  Just for the girls.

We soaked our feet and relaxed for awhile, while enjoying our treats.   Kelly thought it was too relaxing so she started washing her socks.  :o)  You make us laugh, friend!!

Madeline was such a good helper.  She took all the tissue paper out of the bags so Michelle didn't have to work too hard.  It was too cute!

Such a beautiful dress for Ruby!

We so enjoyed celebrating her babies life!

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