Saturday, April 14, 2012

Flowers Make Me Happy

I love how flowers always bring a smile to my face.  Whether they are given to me by my sweet husband, picked for me by my darling little girls or cut for me by yours truely.  They always make me feel happy.  The other day I really wanted to bring some beautiful blooms into our house and I cut a bunch of what ever these are.  I rarely know the names of the flower I grow, but I don't really care about that.  I just like the color.  As I was looking for vases, I found this one (on the right) that my dad had given to me.  

We always had a tire swing in the front yard when I was growing up.   I spent hours and hours swinging on it and pushing all the kids from the neighborhood on it.  Every year my dad would try to make it better and safer for us.  They were all awesome.  A few years ago at a craft show with my mom, my dad found this vase.  It was beautifully hand crafted with a tire swing on the front.  My parents loved it but didn't want to buy it.  Later my dad went back and bought it and gave it to me.  Everytime I see it, I think of the fun times on our tire swing.

Lilacs (I actually do know the name of these) are my favorite flower.  We had a huge lilac tree next to our house growing up.  In the sping when they were blooming, the house would smell heavenly with their scent.  I have since bought two lilac bushes and I wait all year long for the scent of them in the spring.  They too bring back sweet memories.  I want to bottle up their scent and make my whole house smell like it.

Oh the joy that God must feel as we love and appreciate the things that He makes for us!

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