Monday, April 04, 2011

Library Time

The girls love the library. Bekah loves the computers that she is allowed to play with. Hannah loves pulling the books off the shelves and piling them on the table. We go to the library every 2-3 weeks and get 10 to 20 books. We read these books until the girls have just about memorized them. Today we invited Michelle and her little ones to go with us. It was fun spending the after noon with them.

Bekah and Max enjoyed playing games on the computer. We don't ever let her touch our computers so she loves that the library has ones that kids can play on.

Hannah wanted to dress herself today. If you look closely you can see that her jacket is on completely upside down. I just kept looking at the jacket and giggling.

Hannah is too little to play the kids games on the computer. She did want to listen though. Hannah had to put the head phones on her head all by her self. These are some of my favorite pictures.

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Megan @ SimplyThrifty said...

Those are such sweet pictures. I giggled too when I saw the jacket and I LOVED how the headphones squished Hannah's little cheeks. So sweet. We went to the library today as well. They have a BEAUTIFUL one here in Durango. Love it!