Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lazy Fall Day

I love having a lazy fall day with the family. Today has kind of been that sort of day. Chris and I were able to sleep in until 8 am. That is pretty unheard of in our family. The heater was on and it is cold and sprinkly outside. We had joke (yolk) eggs, toast with home made strawberry jam and hot cocoa. After a little clean up we headed down town as a family with Aunt Shonna in tow. It was fun walking down town to Barns and Nobles Book store. The kids found lots of good books to use with their gift card and Shonna and Chris found some great ones too. I bought the book Wicked which I heard is a really good read. Then we ordered coffee and cocoa (it's just that type of day-what can I say) at Starbucks. It was so nice sitting outside in the cool weather talking and enjoying our hot drinks. Hannah kept getting a mustache from the chocolate syrup and whipped cream on my cocoa. Then we walked back to the library. Bekah, Hannah and Aunt Shonna played on the computer. Ok, Bekah played and the others just watched. I picked a pile of books and we headed home. After a quick lunch and a pile of books the girls headed to bed, Chris to his video game and I to curl up under my covers with the computer. I hope the rest of the day is just as nice. Pumpkin carving and chicken fried steak and gravy are on the docket for tonight. Oh, you just gotta love those lazy fall days!

Now on to get caught up on the funny quotes from the kids.

June 2010

Bekah's new favorite movie is Disney's Robin Hood. She keeps getting mixed up and calling it the Neighborhood Movie. Around the same time we let her watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Bekah loved that movie except for the creepy guy (who likes him anyway). She would run around the house singing, "Chicken, chicken, Bang-Bang!"

I love it when Bekah sees something that she has heard of but doesn't remember what it is called. She just makes up a new name for it and there you have it. A cart wheel is now a carpet square, a water fountain is a watermelon, pop tarts are pot arts and Mr. Jelly Belly is Mr. Gummy. She is often heard saying, "I put my clothes in my hamster." and "I'm going to put my hair between my ears."

Auntie Shonna was staying with us for awhile. Shonna always says, "Good-bye Love." One day she said it to Hannah and our little one piped up, "Bye Love!" A few days later Bekah asked Auntie Shonna why she never called her Love anymore. Auntie Shonna had daringly called her Bekah instead of Love.

August 2010

Bekah was singing, "Darn-in-nation" for what ever reason. We told her that the word was actually domination. We asked her what that word meant. She replied, "Yeah, cause Domination doesn't make you better, it kind of makes you sick inside." Still not sure what was going through her mind.

Daddy picked up Bekah's piggy bank and felt how heavy it was. He told Bekah that she had too much money in her piggy bank. Bekah had a good solution. She said, "I'm going to give some of my money to Pastor Stan. He said he didn't have any money. I'm going to save the rest of the money for winter 'cause I might need it."

On a car trip Daddy asked Bekah to sing Mary Had a Little Lamb. This is what he got. "Mary had a little lamb. She didn't' know what to do with it. So she pushed it in the fire pit. she wrapped it up in newspaper and took it home and cut it up and ate it." We didn't ask her to sing that song again.

We had a delightful time with our relatives from New York and Texas. When we asked Bekah what her favorite part of the visit was, she replied, "Walking on the Golden Gate Bridge. And riding on Dan's shoulders while I held onto his fingers as he ran across the bridge."

September 2010

Hannah is now 22 months old. She is just starting to grow out of her 12 month clothes. We went shopping to get her some new outfits. At the store, she went from one dress to the next saying in a girly soft voice, "Oh, that's cute! Oh, that's cute!" for each one.

Bekah was very sad that the sun was hiding behind the clouds. She looked out the window and said thoughtfully, "The sun is my friend. I want it to get out here. Maybe the sun is getting on it's yellow."

Bekah and Hannah were supposed to be cleaning up while Aunt Jennifer was babysitting. Hannah was much more enthusiastic. Bekah turned to Aunt Jennifer, "Hannah is being a good example to me!"

October 2010

Mommy went to a baby shower for Laurabelle. When Bekah was asked when Mommy would be back, she responded, "She'll be back after she gives the baby a shower."

Bekah asked if she could listen to her new CD, "The Garden Of Eden" otherwise known as "The Secret Garden".

Mommy to Hannah, "Little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice." Bekah immediately piped up with, "No, girls aren't made of sugar and spice! God made men and boys and girls out of nothing. Papa Karl told us at Cubbies that God made everything out of what was in his paper bag after he dumped everything out. Nothing!!"

Bekah loves to watch America's Funniest Videos. We were talking about how we enter a movie and tried to get her on the show. She looked at mommy sadly and said, "But then you wouldn't have me anymore."

Hannah went to her first dentist appointment with Dr. Oliver. She lay in mommy's lap as he looked at her teeth. She was a big girl and didn't cry at all. Her favorite part was getting a "brush teeth" of her own.

Hannah just turned two years old. She threw away her "baa" (pacifier), went poop in the potty and had her first visit to the dentist. Hannah loves to help mommy clean up all the time. She helps clean put the dishwasher and load and unload the washere and dryer. She picks up her books and toys when asked. Hannah cleans up spills on the table or floor on her own. She normally wakes with a smile and tells us that she is happy. As a little sister of course she copy's every move and word that she sees her big sister do or say. Hannah can say six to seven word sentences and amazes us with her much she says and understands. She is very opinionated and wants to do everything "all by myself". When going to be she wants to rock with mommy and "nuggle". She is best known for her cheeser smile and her pouty lip. She is a lovely and cuddly little girl.

Bekah has just turned four years old. She is a bright and inquisitive child. Our eldest child love to be the center of attention. She will sing (quite off key) and tell stories to anyone who would listen. Bekah has imaginary friends she calls "Geysers" that she plays with and talks to every day. She is a great helper! Most of the time. Sometimes she tells mommy that she is just too tired to help with the chores. She decides to help out though when mommy tells her that mom is just too tired to make dinner. Bekah loves to read books and will sit and listen to any one who will read to her. She enjoys listening to CD's during nap time and has been listening to Adventures in Odyssey. Bekah has started Cubbies this year and memorises verses so quickly. That is one of the favorite things that she looks forward to every week. She loves to have daddy put her to bed at nighttime. She is a sweet and funny little girl.

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