Monday, October 25, 2010

Hurting Backs and Funny Kids

Oh how busy are lives are somedays. We get so caught up in work, activities and just life that we forget to slow down. Then God comes along and slows you down. Sometimes you are ready for it, most times it is very unexpected. I was working quite a bit. I had finished 5 days of work out of 6. We had my parents over to celebrate their birthdays. I had gone upstairs to get their presents when God stopped me in my tracks. . . literally. My back seized up and I couldn't stand up. Chris and I started laughing because I looked so ridiculous. I kept trying to stand up, but couldn't. After making it into the hallway I collapsed on the floor and there I stayed for the next hour. Between spasms I could talk and laugh. Bekah kept coming upstairs to check on me. She would tell me, "Just walk mommy! Just walk!" Hannah would touch my face and say,"It's ok mommy. You'll be fine." God definitely has ways to rearrange our days and force us to slow down. I am so grateful for the health that I do have. He is so good to us and I need to always remember that. In good times and in bad: God is Good. I finally managed to get downstairs and then to bed later with the help of Chris. The next day my chiropractor got me in for an appointment. He and Chris had to practically carry me in. After he worked on my back I could walk slowly and stand upright. Thank God for people that can help us when we can't do it ourselves. I am slowly getting better and am enjoying the time I can spend with my little ones right now. It is good when life slows down and you can stop and see the good around you.

Here are some more funny stories about my children. I am trying to document the things they do and say so that I can put them in their photo books to have for always.

May 2010

Mommy and Daddy were talking at dinner about Hannah. Bekah piped up with, "When you are done with Hannah, you can talk about me!"

Hannah does not like being dried off with a towel after a bath. One morning mommy was drying her off and she was fighting it. Mommy said, "Don't you like the towel?" Hannah replied quite certainly, "I don't like it!" She was 19 months old.

One morning Bekah told mommy, "Momma, I can't call you momma anymore. My breath has turned into a brain and I have to call you mom."

Bekah was coloring a dolphin and Daddy came over and added spots. Bekah said, "Dolphins don't have spots!" Daddy asked her who said that. Bekah replied, 'Then man with the yellow hat who lives with the monkey."

Another one of Bekah's prayers: " Dear God, Help me to obey my mommy and my daddy. Help my mommy to grow because she is short. Very short. Help her to grow and grow and grow. Then she will grow big and have kids. When I'm big I'll grow up and have kids. And daddy can grow and grow and he can have kids. Amen"

An interesting conversation between Bekah and Mommy: Bekah said, "I;m a big soldier. Mommy you are stuck in a tree." Mommy replied, "Will you get me down?" Bekah said, 'No. I won't help you down. Your have to wait for a little while, then you can climb down on your own." Mommy replied, "But big soldiers are supposed to help people." Bekah then told mommy, "But I'm little and can't climb a tree. My big gyser will get you down. Ok?"

June 2010

Hannah is talking so much right now. Her vocabulary is growing and she is putting lots of words together. The other day she said so clearly, "More cracker please, daddy. More cracker." We love hearing her talk.

Mommy heard a noise in her room and discovered Hannah next to the closet. . . feeding the doggy. She managed to get the lid off of the dog food and had filled up half of the dog dish. I guess she figured she was big enough to do it all by herself.

Hannah is 20 months old and is 20 lbs 12 oz. She is still wearing 12 month clothes and is in the 3rd percentile on the growth curve. Hannah says, "Please, Thank-you, You're Welcome and Sorry". She knows all our names. Hannah now helps pick up her toys and even helps unload the dishwasher. She still loves to snuggle and be held, but she plays all by herself and with Bekah very well.

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Megan said...

Great job blogging again. I enjoy reading all the funny comments from the girls. I NEED to be better about that with Taeya but haven't started yet. Sigh. Maybe once this baby comes I'll get my act together! hahaha yeah right. I'll try. Love you. See you VERY soon!