Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Escape artist!!

Bekah has been eyeing the doggy door for awhile. Today I heard her by the door and caught some pictures of her actually escaping.

Yeah mommy! I got out of the door.

Freedom in the backyard.

Lets go explore and get into trouble before mommy finds me!!

I went outside and told Bekah it is not ok to go outside without mommy. After picking her up she flipped out. I brought her inside and set her down. Boy did the tears fall when she threw a fit. No fair!!

Bekah loves to stand by the window on her tippy toes and look out. Bailey normally stands next to her and watches along.


SJ said...

This is toooooo funny! Jeremy was just asking Chris about this the other night - and she finally did it :) We laughed and laughed - thanks for sharing :)

Windy City Survivors said...

Oh my, you are going to have your hands full Sarah! :) Thank goodness I don't have a doggie door. I had to put alarms on our back door because the girls would start to leave without me and twice I found them in the yard before I could get out there (and we don't have a fence). Those were great pictures. I look forward to hearing more about her "adventures" in the future and the future temper fits. :)

Megan C. said...

I loved the progression of pictures. Is she finally walking on her own now? It sure looks like it from the photos. I love that little girl!

jenylu said...

So funny -- glad you take a picture or two!

I loved the pouty face too -- looks like another drama queen for the family! :)