Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Is there something on my nose?

My parents had come down for the weekend and really enjoyed getting to see Bekah. Sunday morning my dad was holding her while she was eating her stars. One got stuck to her nose. Check it out.

Bekah had a low grade temperature the last couple days of camp. On Saturday though she felt so much hotter and her temp. was 101.3. She was so cranky and really not feeling well. After taking her to the doctor and finding out it wasn't an ear infection her fever broke. Life always works like that doesn't it? Here she is playing outside when she was feeling a bit better. Her favorite thing to find and chew on outside is bark. Mighty tasty!!


Windy City Survivors said...

Stars stuck on the face are classic! I've found stars stuck on the girls in many different places (their clothes, hair, nose, face, etc.)

I love all of the pictures!

SJ said...

Very cute pics - glad she is feeling better!!!! I am sure grandpa and grandma had a great time with her!!!!!

Jerry said...

Love the pics keep the coming she is a sweetheart. It's fun watching her grow

East Coast UNK

Megan C. said...

The star on or coming out of the nose is lovely. She looks a bit worried about it. Glad Bekah's feeling better now. I'm sorry she was sick. :(