Thursday, May 18, 2006

Working on the Baby's Room

We are starting to work on the Baby's room. I am soooooo excited. Here my mom is drawing a scene from Winnie the Pooh on the wall so she can paint it.

My mom painted this on the shelf in the table unit. I love the "Oh Bother!" written next to Pooh Bear.

My mom found this little table at an antique shop. She made sure it was safe for a baby and very sturdy. She did every thing except sit on it! It was a yucky gold color and Chris wasn't too impressed with it. After many coats of paint it looks great. Just what I need to put the lamp and books on while nursing.

Doesn't everything look great. I worked on the curtains all day while my mom was shopping. The lamp we got on EBay. Megan told us about it and it really fits with the room.

Here is the finished product of Pooh Bear trying to be a little black rain cloud. My mom did such a great job.

I was thrilled to see things coming together for the baby's room. I still need to get a rocking chair and also to get the adorable dresser my mom made up in the room. It is all so exciting.

Today I got the crib Megan gave me (one of the family's she babysat for gave it to her) out of the garage and set it up ALL BY MYSELF!!!! It took forever because I had to figure out which screws fit where and how all the pieces fit together. I got frustrated and took a break to go shopping. I ended up finding a crib mattress and brought it home. I really don't know how it got in the car. Really! After putting away the grocery's I was drawn to the crib problem again. After another 30-40 min. I had it put together and ready to go. Chris was really impress (I think that he was also relieved that he didn't have to do it).

The baby's first teddy bear is a set up in the new crib.

I had so much fun getting out the baby blankets I have made for our baby, the ones Great Grandma Della gave me and all the cute baby things Aunt Judy gave me. They fit perfectly in the drawer under the crib.


Megan C. said...

Aww...look at you nesting already. :) The room looks so cute! I can't wait to see it this summer! (I really can't wait to see YOU most of all! But the room will be fun to see too). We need to start thinking about dates. Love ya!!

SJ said...

Sarah -

The room looks great!!!

Julie said...

I LOVE the room Sarah. It looks so cute :)

I am so excited for you :) Go you for putting up the crib by yourself :)

kimmers said...

Sarah, your baby room looks so cute! I am very impressed!

Megan C. said...

Still waiting for that picture of you and baby! :)