Thursday, September 03, 2015

Thankful to be a NICU Nurse today!!!

This morning I am amped up.  No caffeine!  No sleep for 26 hours!  Just awake and energized and full of ideas and thoughts.  So instead of going to sleep like a good night shift nurse, I am sitting in my comfy bird chair with my hot vanilla milk and blogging.  When the ideas start coming, sometimes you have to slow down and just get them on paper (well, sort of).  So today I'm having a thankful day.

I try so hard to be grateful for each and every moment.  I count each gift that God has graciously given me.  My joy journals will attest to that fact.  I have named and received almost 4000 gifts from God.  The last couple of hours are no exception.

  Last night I was working in my NICU with two sweet babies.  I started thinking how truly blessed I really am as one of the little ones held my thumb in his hand.  A hand so tiny his thumb and fingers still had a cm to go before they would touch each other.   These babies are fighting for their lives.  Again and again they stop breathing and I rub their back and see their dusky lips and ask them to please just keep breathing.  One more good deep breathe to bring the color back to their tiny faces.  And I'm grateful for my life.  And for my healthy children.  I'm grateful for my job that allows me to snuggle these precious children and love on them day after day, until they are big enough to go home to their own mommy.  I walk through doors that are closed to all but the few that take care of these sweet ones and the families holding onto hope and fighting back tears until they can take their baby home.  And I'm grateful!

No one knows the hours or days that they have left here on earth.  We are only here for a moment, and then are gone like the flowers that grow outside my window.  Take time today to search for the gifts that have been given to you.  They aren't a gift until you name them.  Write them down.  Say them out loud.  Realize what you have.  I am thankful for life and smiles, friendships and encouragement, a clean floor and folded laundry, kids that are learning to do the chores and give me sweet kisses and love.  There is so much to thank God for!!!!

I'm exhausted and headed up to my comfy bed with my huge fan that drowns out noise (for which I am SUPER thankful).  Love you all!  I am grateful for each of you in my life.  You enrich my life and encourage me more than you will ever know.  Have a great day!

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Megan @ SimplyThrifty said...

I am thankful for such a wonderful sister God has blessed me with. I haven't talked to you in awhile and would love to soon but I am so grateful for your love, generosity, kindness and joyfulness. Thankful that those sweet, tiny babies have such an amazing nurse to love on them and help them grow and become healthy babies. I love you, Sarah!