Thursday, February 05, 2015

Living Room Redo

I had wanted to repaint the accent walls in my living room.  After looking at lots of paint colors, I initially choose Labrador Blue by Benjamine Moore.  I painted two coats and then realized that it was really not the color I wanted.  It was much too 'baby blue' for a living room.  This first photo is showing the first paint color.

Just had to show my painting partners.  So cute!

I took a tile that I had recently installed in my kitchen and had them paint match a shade lighter.

The color on the left is the new color: Atlantic Shoreline (ppu13-4) by Behr.  I bought it at Home Depot.   The one of the right is: Labrador Blue by Benjamine Moore.  I had this mixed at Lowes.   The colors here don't really show what it looked like.

I really liked the Atlanic Shoreline color once it was finished.  It has brightened up my room and I love how it ties into the tile in my kitchen.

This picture is the closest I can get to the real color on the walls.  

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