Saturday, July 06, 2013

Authentic Saloon Girl Costume

After getting an invitation to a murder mystery party, then finding out I was to be a saloon girl, I was stumped at what to do for my outfit.  I'm not good at dressing up and this was very out of my comfort zone.  After talking to my amazing friend, Michelle, she said that she would help me.  Last week she arrived with her 4 little ones and a basket of clothes and make up.  We spent 8 hours (minus  feeding all 6 children) putting together an outfit and doing hair and makeup. It was super fun to get all girly and just hang out with a great friend while the kids played.

Hair up in a bun, gentle curls around the face and 
a bit of make up help make the whole package.

The outfit was fun to come up with.  We tried lots of fun looks and settled on this one.  We started with an off the shoulder top, covered by a beautiful corset.  It was fun to wear, but I'm super glad that we don't have to wear these every day.  

Then we worked on the rest of the outfit.  The base skirt was white with a blue patchwork skirt overtop.  To get a bit of a fuller skirt and some color, we added a blue silk tie around skirt and a rose pink sash.  The more layers that were added gave it depth and beauty.  A final silk scarf tied around the waist finished the main look we were going for.  As accessories, I added a simple choker, shawl and a fun little dagger.  

Cowboy boots, black nylons and a garter
 completed the look of a simple saloon girl.

I loved the look of the back. 

I have a knife and I know how to use it.

On the day of the party, we added a small revolver, feathers in my hair and a lot more makeup.  

The final product!

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